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    The Naughty Ninja

    Fellow forum member and old mate ‘Toggsy’ let me loose on his recently acquired big Kawasaki ZX9R when we rode over to Rutland Water on Good Friday. Hailing from 2000 the 9R is not exactly cutting edge. In fact it is considered by some more as sports-tourer rather than an outright superbike.

    Irrespective of how you class it  I really enjoyed the 25 miles I rode this impressive machine for. As is the case with other Kawasaki bikes that I have tried over the years the engine totally dominates the experience. Easy going power is just a hint of throttle away and three figures speeds (69.9 officer…) are achieved with an almost arrogant ease. To back this performance up luckily the ZX9R is blessed with handling that is very stable and the bike responded faithfully to my inputs. Brakes were very powerful but lacked a little in feel when compared to my Yamaha Thundercat stoppers. I felt at home almost straight away and would have happily ridden much further, but Toggsy wanted his bike back! I have checked the prices on ebay and they offer stunning value for money. My only gripe was with the slack in the throttle, but that is just a matter of adjustment.

    Laugh Out Loud Fast

    I rode it again a few weeks later on my way home from the Welsh coast on a group ride out, This only cemented my initial impression. The engine totally dominates the riding experience and the performance in the mid range is frankly extra-ordinary. to the point I was laughing out loud into my helmet as I positively stormed along sweeping all before me. It may not grab headlines like a R1 of a Fireblade, but in the real world at speeds you can (sort of) travel on a British road the thing is epic. That mid range kick and roll on performance is pretty addictive. My second ride was at a somewhat more elevated pace did highlight that the brakes suffered from ‘Old Kwack Syndrome’ quite badly. That is to say heart stopping long lever travel before the bite kicks in and the bike start to shed speed.

    Overall what a superb bike; nice one Toggsy!

    This was taken in the Alps…NOT Rutland Water!


    Too true Radar,the engine is brill they sing through the air intakes.My C1 was really good in a straight line but started to let go in the twisties even after suspention tampering but enjoyed every second of riding the 9.Toggsy has now been releived of the PINK can and is now enjoying the sound of a titanium Blueflame.


    Looking forward to my (cumpulsory) go on it now it looks nothing like Barbie’s bike.


    Looking forward to my (cumpulsory) go on it now it looks nothing like Barbie’s bike.

    Judging by what you ride now the run on it mist of impressed you!


    Review of your 9R


    You riding Toggsy’s 9R


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