Jailed Plymouth biker Ashley Dixon filmed 153mph ride (BBC)

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    What a t!t!

    From the BBC:

    A “lunatic” motorcyclist who posted a video online of himself driving at 153mph has been jailed.
    Exeter Crown Court was told Ashley Dixon, of Down Road, Plymouth, Devon, used a helmet camera to record himself racing through Devon lanes.
    Another video showed the 24-year-old driving through a village at 90mph.
    Dixon, who pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving, was jailed for nine months and disqualified from driving for two years.
    The court was told Devon and Cornwall Police saw two videos on YouTube and were able to tie up the dates of the recordings with test drives Dixon took on a Honda Fireblade and a BMW S100RR in May and June.
    ‘Show off’
    The videos have since been taken down as police feared they could encourage others to ride bikes in the same reckless way.
    Judge Francis Gilbert, QC, told Dixon he could not recall any other case of such extremely dangerous driving.
    “It was a miracle nobody was killed or seriously injured, including yourself,” he said.
    The judge said he believed Dixon filmed himself so he could “show off” on the internet.
    “You rode for at least five miles, and probably more, on each occasion on 1,000 cc bikes which you purported to take for test drives even though you were never going to purchase them because you could not afford them,” he said.
    “You did it so your wildly dangerous driving could be seen by others.”
    Mr James Taghdissian, prosecuting, said the footage showed Dixon “riding like a lunatic”.


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