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    Speed cameras’ proper purpose…

    Comments welcome on this article… Part of my on going crusade! TNX

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    To outline what is in the link above, I have copied the text below (for those too lazy to click XV’s link!). It is in the ‘Letters to the editor’ section of The Times newspaper, March 2nd 2004:

    Speed cameras’ proper purpose
    From Mr Kevin Shapland
    Sir, I am a former Metropolitan Police officer and now work as a consultant assisting the criminal justice system in general and the Police Service in particular to identify ways of increasing public confidence.

    Everywhere I go in England and Wales I am acutely aware of how speed cameras (leading article, February 28) are undermining public confidence in the police and distracting from other areas of policing.

    Speed cameras will not detect dangerous drivers or uninsured drivers or indeed those who still choose to drive whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.

    It is public perception as opposed to the reality that has the greatest impact on confidence and the fact remains that the majority of people still view speed cameras as a means by the police to raise revenue.

    More targeted use of speed cameras accompanied by appropriate publicity will greatly assist in increasing public confidence.

    Yours faithfully,
    Media Outcomes,
    Brook House,
    Abbotts Close, Titchmarsh,
    Northamptonshire NN14 3AW.
    March 1.

    From Councillor Richard Hughes

    Sir, Speeding is a major cause of death on our roads, and is an offence. It is the job of the police to prevent and detect crime as efficiently as they can and the use of speed (or safety) cameras is as efficient as you get. The fines they raise are no more a “stealth tax” than are fines imposed for theft, fraud or any other offence.

    The insistence on painting the cameras fluorescent yellow was crass. I also do not follow the argument that the cameras should be sited only where there have been at least four serious accidents.

    The cameras’ purpose is to catch people breaking the law. The fact that, in doing so, loss of life may be reduced is a fortunate by-product.

    Yours truly,
    5c South Street, Weedon Bec,
    Northampton NN7 4QP.
    [email protected]
    March 1.


    My own view is that Mr Shapland is quite correct and fully aware of how the effect on public relations is being damaged by the ever increasing addition of unnecessary cameras. Moreover, as he clearly states, there is a distraction from other areas of policing. And remember, this is a former Metropolitan Police officer, not some unknown person with a speeding fine (no offence to anyone who fits that description!)


    I agree with Mr Shapland on all of his points but I think that in fairness the reply from Mr Hughes was also correct when he said “The cameras’ purpose is to catch people breaking the law. The fact that, in doing so, loss of life may be reduced is a fortunate by-product.”
    Now if all cameras were sensibly sited that would be fine but often they are in areas where they can only be doing one thing – making money. Objection to painting them yellow only goes to show there is something to be covered up and hidden. Maybe speed limit signs should be removed to get more speed limit breaking offences?


    I think that painting cameras yellow was conceding to the fact that there is something quite wrong with the way they caught people in the first place – by hiding! Obviously people who speed past yellow cameras still do not see them hence they are still not publicised enough.


    Keep em coming folks…


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