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    Hey guys i have a honda cg 125s which is on a y reg 2001 plate. It is the old style for some reason and it only has 4 gears. From what i have read on the net no honda cg has 4 gears they are all 5 gears. Does anyone know why this is? I am taking it to honda for them to look at. but i need to know why it has gears. Thanks


    Welcome meathole

    Has the CG always had 4 gears before the 2001 version? Maybe you have a grey import with a mix of an older engine in the newer chassis? Check the engine number on your bike, normally on top of the crankcase, and compare this with the number on your logbook. Hope this helps?


    since 1976 the cg has been 5 speed. will check the numbers though. cheers mate


    Engine and gearbox from one of those Chinese copies been fitted? Or an earlier engine and gearbox.
    Could be a selector problem with your gearbox, is it an ex riding school bike?


    Im pretty sure even the chinese copies have 5 speed, i used to ride an old 77 one and that was 5 speed.

    Basically something is wrong, selector problem or something im afraid by the sound of it.

    But check the basics first, is your gearlever bent or fitted wrongly so fouls on anything?


    Ok guys cheers. I think its a selecter problem because from what i have read from the net and from honda is that all cg’s are 5 speed so i don’t think they do a 4 speed gearbox for it. after the new year honda are looking at it. will let you know, from what honda said to me last time, they have never seen a bike like this before.

    GSF K1

    As far as I recal, all of their 125’s were 5 gear, even the old CB125N single was 5 geared…. is the selector unit accessible if the clutch assy is removed?? (check a Haynes manual).. it may be something really obvious if you can see it and clunk up/down the gears with the side casing & clutch off.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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