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    Well lets see I’m 21 Form Glasgow with a lillte Honda CG 125 hairdryer…..but I have a nice little 1987 Honda CB 350S in my garage just waiting for me when (if) I pass my test in a few weeks.
    I had a go on it already (SHHHHHHHHH! don’t tell anyone) it’s a fast little F**ker for it’s age….rekon I could squeeze 110 out of it.


    Great bike the CB350. Had one myself a few years back. Was a pain to keep clean if I remember right.

    Welcome to the forum mate.

    I’ve donated to the forum, have you?


    Also from glasgow,passed my test last year its great to move onto the bigger bikes.


    Hi, don’t know Glasgow but I’m going there this July for 4 days. Recommend anywhere to visit (family coming too!)


    Hi Big and welcome to the forum, must say im amazed now we have a few Scotish members, i myself am fae the port but shhhhhhh, maybe we could get a forum 99 ride sorted round george square [:D] and big, i have a kymco zing also 125 but yeah looking at going for my tset and then getting a GPZ500


    Yeah man go for it then we can go out and play.


    Big Evil / Nevis. What are your roads like for bikes up in the North West of Scotland? Are they very bumpy? (I’m invited there this Autumn)


    Welcome to the Forum Big E. Hope you enjoy the CB350 when you get on the road with it. Ever considered a RD350 Yam??


    hi big/yingting

    First off big hope the test went well email me about going for a jaunt sometime at [email protected]

    yingting the roads are actually quite good depends what ya wanna see as to were you should go a quick and easy day trip is to callander nice windy roads with some good straights .. i will speak to some of the guys with bigger bikes to see if they can suggest any good routes for ya (my lil 125 dont go that far from home ya know unless im making a full day of it 65mph flat out dont get ya anywhere fast )


    Hi there.
    Glad to see a few fellow Scots on the forum. Make the most of those roads there. I’m living in Ireland now and the roads here are shite. I didn’t appreciate the roads in Scotland so much till I moved here. I didn’t appreciate the other drivers either. The driving is really bad here cos there’s no traffic division in the police. Great if you want to get away with speeding but not so great when people tailgate and cut you up and you know there’s not a hope in hell of them getting stopped.
    Won’t stop me going out on the bike every day though.


    Did a bike holiday in the South of Ireland a few years ago. VERY bumpy roads, huge potholes everywhere. Lovely people there made up for it though.
    I think they exported the best tarmacers to the Midlands where I live – “We’re working round the corner, will ye be wanting yer drive tarmaced sir?”

    No traffic division in the police Christina? Do you have many speed cameras there?

    GSX Rat

    Welcome to the forum Big Evil, if you’d like some ideas for your 350, please see my 250 here:


    GSX750 Ratfighter / SR125 Rat / GSX600F / Beamish250 / Honda70 Rat / Honda250 Rat Racer

    Blackboard paint – Covers a multitude of sins!


    There’s a few speed cameras here but not many. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone actually getting caught by one because they’re all fixed so everyone knows where they are. The police do occasionally come out with mobile cameras but not that often and it’s always in the same places. The only person I know who got a flash from a fixed camera didn’t get charged because the camera was burned out the next week. He swears it wasn’t him!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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