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    Hi to everyone on this site,only discovered it by accident and from what i’ve seen it looks good!I’m quite new to all this internet stuff so bear with me,been riding for ages though(bout 15 yrs now)and at the mo i’m a (not so)proud owner of a basket case 350 ypvs which needs some proper work doing to it,only problem is that the bikes at me mums in worcester and i’m living in a poxy small flat near bournemouth with no space to sort it![:(!]Don’t mean to ramble on so i’ll bugger off now!p.s. if any1 has got a small corner of a workshop or garage in the bournemouth area they fancy renting i’d be right chuffed(worth a go ent it?!)


    Welcome Ninja! Thanks for the nice comments. Glad to hear you’re doing up that 350. Basket case is about right, I had a go on the YPVS in the eighties and if ever a bike could carry that title it’s the power valve. Future classic for sure. Keep in touch with the forum ’cause there are a few YPVS fans lurking about on here.


    Welcome Ninja. I hope you manage to rebuilt your YPVS OK. I had a 1985 Mk1 model and a 1989 F2 and they were both brilliant. Loved the 85 Mk1 in particular, the F2 wasn’t quite as edgy. Mate has just bought an 86 mk1 and let me have a go the other week. What a laugh. Really must get another one sometime. Have you seen the YPVS for sale in the buying/selling section?
    try http://www.lcclub.info
    and tell them about the forum too.
    Hope you get the workshop sorted and keep us posted about the rebuild.
    Did you used to have a GPZ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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