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    [:D]Hi its me back again got a bit chillie in the workshop so come in to talk to you lot,hope your all got saw saddle bums coz you aint been here much,
    Managed to get out on me yam at super moto practice track twice in last 2 weeks,starting to get a bit faster,think i must be to fit as i seem to ride to many laps and it has cost me a back tyre every time i have been so far,
    hooked up with a guy that rides a honda crf motard, met him a few times at differant places to ride together and enterd a enduro at tunstall acle in norfolk on the 21 st of sept. so spent today putting all my off road parts on redy to go out next weekend to practice dirt riding again.
    Very lucky to have a m8 that owns a country estate inc woods river crossings,sandpit bit of forshore medows every thing needed to practice for enduro,and he has bikes to.

    went to bassingbourn baracks cambridgeshire last weekend just for runway type fun stoppies wheelies etc etc one unlucky guy broke his leg bad, but all in all a good day was had by the rest of us.

    julies monster, well put it onto http://www.ebay.co.uk just to try but it fell short of the reserve bye £25 never mind had lots of folk ring me and e/mail me but seemed like they all lived about 250 miles away and did not want to travel,
    Talking to a m8 at work told him we wanted to sell the monster he pulls out his phone calls another of our freinds and tells the guy julies monster is up for grabs £1700 niker, he puts phone back in his pocket and tells me its sold.
    next morning the bloke turns up with the dosh and asks if i could drop it of to him for the weekend[nice one] that was on wed and wed is our ride to the bike meet night.
    wed eve we went to our local meeting julie rode her BROS650 i gently rode the monster, a mate came allong for the ride on his 996 and we had a good night out.
    Getting dark to early now i dont like it
    Julies now telling me to take the car to work just incase she wants to ride her bike,wich is good coz she would not even get the duke out of the garage on her own ,she came to park the bros at my place of work twice on sat,once to pop into town,and once with my youngest son so she could go to the bike shop and get a black helmet to go with the bike.
    hope i am not going on to much but feel i owe you some post,

    you ever had cbr600? just got one from me m8 at bike shop bit old but good condition cant see any broken plastic or nasty scuffs,been sitting since 98 22000 miles,think the fuel tank has let water in the cap as fuel system full of water, cleaned out ok runs well just got to mot and sell it to pay for some new tyres [:(]
    Got an exhaust for me yam from e/bay, looking forward to fitting that i no it is a loud one as i have had one before but while looking at http://www.supermotard.co.uk i found a thred that was offering the road baffle for a tenner lucky me phoned him, now its mine[^]

    Cant think of much more that would interest you guys so im’e gon



    Well done on the sale of the monster. Hope you didn’t cry when she went.[:(]


    Glad to see that you have been enjoying yourself Cookeye. Pleased that Julie’s Duke has found a new home so easily, I am trying to sell my Triumph Herald at the moment and can’t find any buyers anywhere. Good little motor too!!

    My mine biking fun came last night when my mate who has just bought a Mk1 RD350 YPVS let me take it for a blast (He was the lad looking for a 350 I posted about a couple of weeks back). Kin brilliant, remember why I love them so much. Rode like an idiot for 15 mins. Wot a buzz!!

    Never had a CBR600 but have ridden a couple of them down the years and been impressed – I took Lings of Watton demo bike out for a right good thrashing way back in 1987 and saw 135 on the clock past the army barracks near there. Several mates have owned a variety of models and a good mate currently has a 98 German spec one. He is having some problems with the charging system and has dropped it once. But still pleased with it after 25,000 miles or so. What year is yours?

    I have just heard of a GPz500 going for a good price, it has been laid up for a while. Like you, if I buy I will MOT it and try to move it on quickly.

    What do you think of e-bay?


    The honda is 89 and very tidy.
    my m8 sells my stuff on e/bay and we have no problems up to now. bought and sold lots of things got bikes, cars, cloths, parts ,clocks, toys, bicycles, lethers, etc etc from all over the world, so its kinda anything you want if you are willing to wait. some prices are a bit silly but you only go to wot you wanna pay!

    Remember its easy to lose your licence on a rd lots of me mates did!
    be carefull
    ip we do miss duke was the best looking thing i ever had in me workshop[:(]

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