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    Hi to you all have just joined the forum today, and have just been
    re-born into the world of bikes. Three long years of paying of debts
    forced me to sell,but thats all in the past.
    Just bought a suzuki 600 bandit not yet a street fighter more of a street arguement. Plan to put on lots of bits and pieces and make her look like the dogs b****cks.
    I’ve been riding for 13 years started when i was 16 now at the age of 29 and still have not grown out of the bike phase. Guess mine is going to last a lifetime.
    Well if anyone lives in Edinburgh i will probally see you on the road take care everyone and remember as your old man has probally said to you at one stage of your bike life “be careful out there because there is a lot of idiots on the road”.

    GSX Rat

    welcome to the forum!

    you got any pictures?

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    No pictures as yet need a digital camera or scanner cant get my hands on one until my mate comes back from his holiday.
    Got something better to spend my cash on begins with B
    ends with T
    and has ANDI in the middle[:D]


    Welcome to the forum mate. Good bikes Suzukis, aint they?

    Rebel with a cause!

    The roads are my race track!!


    Welcome Paul, love the Bandits!


    Welcome to the Forum.

    Good tool the 600 bandit, mate of mine ran one for 3 years and really enjoyed himself. Look forward to seeing the pictures.

    Great place Edinburgh.

    Pass the word about the forum amongst the bikers there, the more the merrier.

    Donate – it makes you feel good!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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