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    Hi I ride a GSX-R1000 and love it to bits although it is only 1 week old as I write this. When the better weather comes I shall tell you more!
    Had a load of small bikes and tourers in the past and a few customs, but this is the first bike I really want to keep in the lounge [^]


    Nice tool…look forward to hearing about your exploits in the sunshine. Going to try any Track days?


    Is it a new model Gixxer?

    I’ve donated to the forum, have you?


    Yes, brand spanking. Bought it for many reasons but mainly because I just loved the thing, it fits my shape perfectly. Heard it was the best selling bike of 2003 not sure how true that is. Was a bit suprised that it only has 161bhp but it only weighs 168kg so it aint slow!

    And it costs within a few quid of the price we paid for our Fiesta so that’s good value in my book

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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