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    UK car magazine “Autocar” ran a feature last week where it tested various cars, supercars and tuned specials from 0 to 100mph (160Kmh) and back to zero.
    Everything from Lamborghinis, a £350,000 Pagani Zonda, TVR, tuned Mercs, EVO Mitsubishis and hot BMWs like the M3 were tested.
    The £8,000 bog standard GSXR1000 beat the lot!!
    11.01 seconds!!

    2.9 seconds quicker than the £163k Lambo!

    This week they pitted the bike against a Porsche Turbo and Hyundai WRC rally car. Thrashed them too. It did blow the clutch though, so when they did a circuit test (on a concrete track) they had to use a back up Honda CBR600. It lapped with a couple of seconds of the Porsche!

    Incidentally the CBR was also quicker to 60 than the GSXR!!

    Bikes are the bizz!!![;)][:D]

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