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    A man bought a motorcycle and was told by the previous owner that the saddle needed to be greased with Vaseline if got wet in the rain in order to stay in shape.

    So when he was riding along one day he ran out of petrol in the middle of the countryside, right outside a farm. He walked over and asked to buy some petrol, and the farmer invited him for dinner. When they got inside he noticed an unusual amount of dirty dishes, and the farmer explained that they had the custom that whoever spoke first during dinner had to do the dishes.

    The man thought that it was no fun doing all them dirty dishes, so he started flirting with the farmers daughter, and after a while he was screwing her right on the table. The farmer looked very upset but said nothing of course, he didn’t want to do the dishes. After a while our man did the same thing with the farmers wife, and the farmer looked even more angry, but still he kept his mouth shut. Suddenly it started to rain outside and the man pulled out his Vaseline to grease the saddle.

    “Alright, Alright shouted the farmer I’ll do the bloody dishes!”

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