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    Goodbye old friend.

    After a long ownership (23 solid, reliable years) the GPZ900R has gone to a new home. It was sad to see it ride off into the sunset but the new owner is enthusiastic and I’m sure he’ll keep it as a usable classic. One-owner GPZs are pretty rare these days it seems.

    It never looked so good as the day it was sold. I had a Krauser pannier frame fitted to it for most of its life so it was strange to see it back to standard. The only non-standard thing left was the flip-up screen and extended mirrors, dead useful for seeing behind you and things like that.

    The first few years of its life it did some serious touring abroad, visiting lots of different countries and never once missing a beat. Originally billed as a sports bike, it later became a “sports tourer” as other bikes got racier riding positions. For my frame (6 feet 1) it fitted perfectly and had a great, comfortable riding position.

    Here it is next to my Smart on the day I sold it:

    gpz900r and smart car

    Yes, they’re the same colours and share strangely similar wheelbases!

    Another pic which I quite like:


    Because the last bike I bought – KTM 625SXC – got sold and I didn’t use the money within 24 hours (married men beware) its replacement was a new bathroom. Keen not to let that happen again, I bought a replacement bike within 24 hours. It’s a 2002 ZX9R F2P. It has decent modded suspension and a pretty bling polished frame.

    zx900r f2

    In my usual style, I ran out of fuel within 2 minutes of leaving the seller’s house (“Yeah, it’s got enough fuel to get you home mate….”). He was decent enough to bring me a gallon of fuel out though so no hard feelings. These bikes need a fuel gauge or at least a warning light!

    zx9oor f2 fairing

    The bike handles phenomenally well and the grip from the Bridgestones is incredible.

    kawasaki zx900r manual f1 f2 f3

    I’ll get a few more miles under my belt but first impressions are pretty good!


    thats gorgeous, im jelous. the number plate is interesting too. is it a standard colour?


    my 2000 zx6r hasn’t got a fuel guage or warning light either. Its all done off the trip counter (which is slightly out still after I changed the front sprocket ratio) or the reserve tap.

    Weird how if you stare at the first pic for long enough, both vehicles blend into one red and black blur.

    Beautiful looking kwak9 though, It almost makes me want to go and wash mine.


    Yes I was wondering about the colour too, then noticed the graphic SNAPON on the fairing and wondered if its a limited edition. Very striking colour and very nice it is too. That number plate fits you to a T. As the GPz matched the Smart, would the ZXR match the bathroom suite by any chance? If so any chance of some pics ?!


    Great looking bike ID! Love the fact the number plate has your reflection in it! Good move getting a new bike staright off; when I sold my XJR1300 a couple of years ago the money quickly went into non-biking stuff!

    Anyway, look forward to seeing you out on the beastie in the near future!


    Cheers guys. I believe it’s a standard colour. Looks much better in the flesh than in the photos though.

    Yep, it was hard to find one with a number plate like that [:D]

    @TT07 – Yes, I still have another bathroom job to do as the old suite is actually a similar colour to the new bike – no joke[V]. Perhaps a few Snap-on graphics will buy me another few months?


    you guys need to assert yourselves and keep hold of your coin. hide it!


    lovely looking bike mate :)


    Lovely looking bike ID – going to swap this one in after 23 years?



    Originally posted by benji_zx10r

    you guys need to assert yourselves and keep hold of your coin. hide it!

    Wait till you are married or living with somebody for a few years, I will refer you back to this lol[:D]


    hahaha dont you worry, no one can tolerate me for more than two years so im safe :D

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