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    Police have revealed the locations of 17 new speed cameras planned for Gloucestershire.

    The new cameras will be stationed in and around Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Cirencester, Moreton-in-Marsh and the Forest of Dean. It brings the total number of mobile camera sites across the county to 57.

    Figures show that last year, 45 people died on county roads, compared with 40 in 2002.

    Police say the mobile cameras will save lives. They deny they’re doing it to raise extra cash for the force.

    The Avon, Somerset and Gloucestershire Safety Camera Partnership, which oversees the county’s camera network, was launched locally last April. It’s been given the green light by the Department of Transport.

    Spokesman Dave Gollicker said the new cameras were about saving lives.

    “These sites are where the collision history and speed information tell us we’ve got to act. They’re mobile sites,” he said.

    “They will make no difference to people who stay within the speed limit.

    “These will form part of the operational plan from April 1.”

    He said all of the new sites have a three-year collision history and show a speed problem.

    He said the partnership constantly reviewed the way it worked to respond to changing problems.

    Mr Gollicker said: “We’re trying to reduce casualties.”

    Colleague Nigel Murray added: “If we can reduce incidents of speed-related crashes and casualties, it’s better for everybody.

    “We’re not out to annoy people. We’re not about catching people out. It’s about encouraging drivers to slow down and be safer motorists.

    “If people know where the cameras are, then hopefully those who need to will adjust their speed accordingly.”

    Association of British Drivers spokesman Tony Vickers says there is no evidence the new cameras will reduce the number of people dying in crashes.

    He also said the cameras are inflexible. They did not allow for individual circumstances or drivers’ discretion and were often put in the wrong place.

    He said: “We’re not looking simply to allow drivers to act as they please. We want to see roads patrolled by police targeting dangerous drivers and not cameras that detect trivial offences.

    “If the cameras were making any difference to road safety, it would be fine, but there’s no evidence that they’re making any difference.

    “Because guidelines say they can be anywhere within 1km from a blackspot, they’re often placed incorrectly and make little or no difference in terms of road safety.

    “Can you imagine how people would feel if there was a policeman on every corner punishing people for every trivial offence? It certainly wouldn’t be deemed acceptable.

    “Safety camera partnerships are out of control and should be disbanded by the Government.”

    The mobile cameras are in addition to 30 fixed cameras in the county. There are also 23 traffic light cameras.

    Automatic speeding fines are set at £60, with three points added to the driver’s licence.

    For more serious speeding offences, the courts can impose unlimited fines and points.

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