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    I thought that the riders over here in the UK were crazy, but they are a bunch of wusses in comparison with the French riders. Mainly aboard MBKs and Peugeots these people are demented!! Crazy speeds, overtaking all sides (and pavements), beaten up bikes that do not have to be registered! Looked kinda fun…


    We dont have many scooters where I live. I visited Europe a few times and was always shocked by the speed these little things do. I can see some really bad accidents must happen over there.

    Hit it, hit it good.


    I’m just back from Italy where there are beautiful 20 year old girls in swimsuits and sarongs riding as fast as they can on their scooters, weaving in and out of the traffic, with open-face helmets on but not done up (more fashionable that way). Luckily I am a first aider and I was always ready to give the kiss of life to the first one who fell off…..[:X]

    Seriously though, someone needs to tighten up the laws out there.


    I tried a few scooters over the years and always found feet together riding frightening.


    I agree for the Italian scooter riders. They are mad – because I was one of them! I now live in Ireland and I can’t go too fast because of the roads here. I miss not being able to overtake in traffic!

    Ange M

    Mmmmmm or may be the girls in thongs and swim suits [:p][}:)][^][;)]

    GPZ500s rider from Skegness


    True Ange, they are famous for their bum-pinching those Italians[^]


    I’m about to buy a scooter for a bit of fun and just stumbled on this post. Will I get stereotyped?

    PS Nice selection of smilies Ange, they go well together to help make your point!

    Donate to the forum. It makes you feel good!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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