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    ac mitchell

    I have got three old haynes manuals if anyone wants them,dont want anything for them. one is CX/GL500 and 650 v twins 1978-1986 the other is Yamaha XJ650 and 750 fours 1980-1984 the third is ok guys cover your ears whilst i whisper this one a CZ 125,175,and 175 trail 1969-1976 there,there,there,that didnt hurt to much,WELL someone had to have one, mind you it was difficult riding with a bag over me head tied round me neck incase it fell of and i was recognised, the long rides were worse,all that distance and i kept vomiting oh how horible, do i hear yoos all saying – ah -poor chap?


    GSX Rat

    well if no-one else wants them and you’ve still got them i’ll take them off your hands. If your anywhere near cleethorpes i’ll pick em up, otherwise you could give me a price for the postage – you never know when your gonna need one, and its usually the case that when you do no-ones got one!

    GSX750 Ratfighter / SR125 Rat / GSX600F / Beamish250 / Honda70 Rat

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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