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    What would be your perfect bike…

    GSF K1

    Modern in-line 4 cylinder 16valve injected pushing out AT LEAST 120bhp, faired and hugs the corners like its stuck on velcro! Sod the colour as long as it aint pink!


    Has anyone invented something that converts from sports to cruiser in a few seconds? It could work, get your pencils out!


    Liquid cooled, direct injection, 1.5 litre, supercharged, compression-ignition, triple. 5-speed, manual transmission with back-torque limiting clutch and shaft drive. Full engine management.

    150 bhp at 7000 rpm, 150 lbs-ft at 2500 rpm. Torque curve flat from 2500 to 6500.

    Single sided rear arm. Hossack (as on new BMW) front end.

    Sit-up-and-beg (think Wes Cooley) riding position, with a GS-1000S / Z1R type fairing (but frame, not bar, mounted).

    Switchable ABS and Acceleration Slip Regulation (which the hard-of-thinking might still call traction control).

    Mass to be less than 160 Kg dry / 200 Kg wet.


    A 2 stroke supersports bike clean and reliable enough to be sold along side the 600’s of today.
    Then we would see ‘who’s the daddy?’ !



    Originally posted by Thumper

    A 2 stroke supersports bike clean and reliable enough to be sold along side the 600’s of today.
    Then we would see ‘who’s the daddy?’ !

    I’d buy one, that would be awesome


    A bike with the following:

    Road conformable tyres.
    Tyres using nanotechnology to restructure itself and its composition according to speed, road and weather conditions. Also to have tyres show the status of its contact patches reporting loading and grip in a colour graded display. Would also report the tyres condition.

    Electronic throttle, clutch/gear and brake operation.

    Bluetooth connectivity to show configurable bike control and status parameters on head up display on a helmets visor. These would be set to focus a configurable distance in front of the visor.

    Automatic system checks of bike controls, brakes, lights and tyre condition on start-up

    Carbon fibre and Kevlar lattice structured frame members reinforced by titanium rods for lightness.

    Engine with more but smaller cylinders.

    Rear wheel driven by counter turning twin shafts.

    Internal gyroscopic wheel that would balance the drive between it and the wheels depending on the bikes momentum. (Engine running, bike stopped, Can’t drop it. )

    Satellite navigation with information displayed on head up display.

    LCD number plate (configurable[:D] )

    Failing all that, I’ll stick to the two I got.

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