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    A dead motorcyclist’s family will meet the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) after images of the man were shown without consent.
    North Wales Police chief constable Richard Brunstrom showed pictures of Mark Gibney to journalists at a road safety briefing.

    Mr Gibney, 40, was decapitated when his bike crashed in Denbighshire in 2003.

    The force has apologised to Mr Gibney’s family from Merseyside who have called for Mr Brunstrom to be sacked.

    Following a voluntary referral from the North Wales Police Authority, the IPCC is independently reviewing the case.


    IPCC commissioner Tom Davies said he offered to meet the family to discuss his organisation’s role and inform them of the review’s progress on Friday.

    An image of Mr Gibney’s severed head, lying on a grass verge, was shown to journalists and council officials during a private road safety briefing by Mr Brunstrom on 26 April.

    Mr Gibney’s headless torso was also shown, as well as the bodies of two young men who died in a different crash.

    At the time Mr Brunstrom said he was showing the images to “give the context” of his anti-speeding campaign, but confirmed that permission had not been sought from Mr Gibney’s family.

    Mr Brunstrom said the images were shown in confidence

    His father, William Gibney, 64, said Mr Brunstrom’s actions were “appalling”.

    He added he had tried to keep details of his son’s injuries from much of the family.

    He said they were not consulted about the pictures, and the incident had been distressing.

    Mark Gibney died after his bike crashed on a bend on the B5105 between Cerrigydrudion and Ruthin.

    Mr Brunstrom has been criticised by MPs and his former deputy for using the images.

    But, writing in his weblog, he said those attending the anti-speeding briefing saw images which would not be “released into the public domain”. He added the pictures had been included as part of the presentation to counter road deaths through speeding.

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