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    A young boy was sitting on the sid walk with a small bottle of sulphuric acid, pouring drops on the ants as they crawled past. A priest passing by saw this and approached the boy.
    “Good morning, young man. What are you doing with that little bottle?” he asked politely.
    “I’m burning the ants with the acid,” the boy replied.
    Thinking that a bottle of acid was perhaps a bit dangerous for a small boy to play with, the priest thought of how he could persuade the boy to part with it.
    “I have a bottle of holy water here that you could put on the ants instead,” said the priest.
    “No way!” said the boy, “I’d rather have this bottle.”
    “But mine is special holy water,” said the priest.
    “What’s so special about it?” enquired the boy.
    “Aha!” said the priest, “I once put a drop of this on a woman’s belly….and she passed a child ….”
    “That’s nothing!” exclaimed the boy, “I once put a drop of this on a dog’s balls, and he passed a Kawasaki!”

    The roads are my race track!!

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