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    Can anyone help with info about fitting a new clutch cable to a 1997
    gsf bandit 600 n[?]
    I just want to know if it is straight forward or does anyone have any tips to get the job done quicker to get the bike back on the road.

    GSX Rat

    What are you struggling with?

    I would guess that its pretty similar to the 600f, in which case it’s a piece of p1ss! Take off the gear lever, remove the cover and disconnect old cable. Tape the clutch lever end of the new cable to the end of old cable securely with insulation tape and gently pull the cable thru from the bars. If you get this right there is no need for anything (fairing, tank etc to come off which akes it a lot easier. Connect clutch end of new cable first and back off the adjusters on both ends, when tensioning cable get it somewhere near on the engine end and take up the last bit of slack on the clutch lever.

    Has it snapped or just seized up – if its seized get a syringe (local chemist etc) and inject diesel down the cable from the lever end. Give it a day or so and then start working the cable and feeding oil down it. The diesel will free it off and the oil will lube it – obviously make sure that when it starts dripping out the other end you wipe it up or catch it in something, dont let it get on your tyres!

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    Cheers GSX the cable arrives tomorrow and i want it bach on the road asap withouthaving to wait on a mechanic.
    Thanks again


    Incase ayone has the same problem as me ie you think your clutch cable has gone check incase it is not your clutch return spring.
    Has the same effect as your cable going loose clutch lever and stall
    The clutch return spring for my Bandit cost £1.65 instead of the £17.18 for a new cable.
    It is located below the clutch cable to give it tension there for has the same effect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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