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    Imagine the perfect English scene, stone cottages surrounding a central green, a friendly pub at its heart on one side. Put this in the middle of quintessentially Cotswold countryside and you have the picture postcard village of Whichford. It is where Americans think we all live. At any moment you expect Hugh Grant to wonder past as he makes his way to one of the four weddings, or for James Bond to flash past in an Aston Martin. Well you are unlikely to see Hugh or 007, but on the 3rd Thursday of each ‘summer’ month you just might get the Aston…for on this day a stunning array of classic, sporting and interesting cars, bikes and even trucks and buses gather to celebrate all things powered and fun. The focus is on cars and they dominate green, some even bring picnics to enjoy beside their classic car. It is all terribly English, a bit posh and none the worse for that. Around the edge of the green however are the bikes, some modern super bikes but the majority are post war classics and some brilliant 60’s/70’s and 80’s classic that many of us cut our biking teeth on and still remember fondly. Everything from a truly beautiful Egli Vincent to a CX500 cafe racer that looked it been converted in a bit of a hurry in the dark. Meanwhile the pub serves cool beer, decent burgers and hot dogs. It is a great meet and well worth checking out if you get a chance. Anyway here are a few pictures….

    The Norman Knight pub was doing a roaring trade

    Bikes everywhere…can’t be bad!

    Mach III Kwak…seventies stroker action

    Very cool special


    Beautiful Ducati

    Takes me back, I had a 250LC in 84-85

    This absolutely stunning Vincent was the one I would of taken home

    Great stroker line up, I have owned two of the bikes in the line up back in the day. The compulsory GT750 Suzuki is in this line up…

    Compulsory Trike shot

    Nimbus, Denmark’s take on the mid century super bike…sounded amazing when it fired up and watching the exposed valves work is strangely fascinating

    Not Ariel’s finest hour…the 3

    Good to see an old Z wearing it’s miles with pride and not restored to within an inch of it’s life

    Good looking Scott

    Luscious Laverda RGS

    It is a car centric event really and the display on the green is amazing, Mustangs, MGs, Jowetts, Bentleys, Lotus, Porsche, Aston, Lamborghini etc etc!

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