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    Nice bikes. Always thought they looked a bit frumpy but they went well. Nice story Radar, hope for you that the wife never reads it.

    GSF K1

    I have a photo of me as a young boy on the back of my dads old CD185. It was the first bike he was “allowed” to buy when he wanted to get back on two wheels. Before wife & kids he used to do all sorts of crazy off-road racing!!.. after the CD, he bought a 250 wet-dream, then an XBR500.
    I know what you mean about the breaks and the oil.. my first little machine was the old CB125TB.. predecessor to the 125 superdream (by about 10 years).. if the front caliper fils with water in the winter, it heated up so causing huge expansion and siezing up the front break!!!!.. and if the engine oil didnt get hot enough it built up alot of moisture which emulsified into a white gunge.
    A great bike to really learn about machines.

    Go out with a BANG… Light a fart!


    Hey what a blast from the past…I was a proud owner of a little 185 Benly..geez was way back in the dark days of biking, That was a great little bike, I went all over Scotland on that thing and had a whole messa fun on her.


    Nice to see that somebody else remembers them!


    Hey way back in 79 I had a fleet(23) of 185s pounding the streets of London carrying our companies goods(photographic services)Someone out there may remember W Photo logos on the bikes.As our riders had only to hold a full license we needed to use a reliable form of transport, superceding the Lambretta 200 indians (honest). Couldnt get more than 6000 miles out of Lambretta crankshafts!!! The Hondas were 6 volt with no self starter colour Black.. After a couple of years and probably 30,000 or so miles, we changed to the later 200 models.. Anyhow an ad in OBM offered a black CD 200 and knowing it more likely to be a 185 I viewed and bought it for £200.00. So one owner from new, just retired and used instead of his Norton if it looked like rain, mileage 10,230 and covered in his garage at all times. Got it home in the van (fiesta with passenger seat removes) new battery fitted and burger me if it didnt start straight off. Came with original tools and handbook as well. Rode it last Summer and just as I remember. Gotta be bargain of the year 2011 What do you say?? There still out there and David Silver is the man for spares…


    Welcome to the forum 0400

    23! I seem to remember the Post Office using CD200s on their courier fleet too. I used to ride for a compnay based in Brum and they used CD185/200s for local stuff too. Things took a lot of abuse and could do distance at a pinch if all the CX500s and GT750s were already out.

    The tails of my despatch riding antics can be found here

    Your Benly was a real bargain too, I am quite jealous! I used to use a CD200 owned by the Dad of one of my mates. I loved it. EDA579V

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    Re-reading this made me smile

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