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    Interested to note on at least one of the government scamera sites there is a sentence:
    “You should also remember the camera is there because there have been a number of serious or fatal collisions along that route; the camera should be a reminder to you, not an obstacle.”
    That suggests that all cameras are put in places where there is accidents. NOT TRUE. There have been many places where no accidents have been recorded and cameras are now situated.


    We are not alone Carrie..

    One-man protest against cameras

    A RUSHMOOR councillor held a one-man protest against police speed cameras along the A325 Farnborough Road.
    Cllr David Clifford waved a placard as he stood by the safety camera unit near the Pinewood roundabout in Farnborough on Friday.
    Passing motorists beeped their horns as they saw his poster warning they could get fined for speeding.
    “I am all for keeping to the correct speed limit but this is nothing to do with road safety,” Cllr Clifford said. “It’s about the allocation of resources. Why isn’t he (the police officer operating the speed camera) out chasing burglars?”
    The councillor criticised the police for not listening to public opinion, which he claims is opposed to the use of ‘hidden’ cameras.
    Cllr Clifford said he supported the views of Aldershot MP Gerald Howarth who claims accident figures on the A325 did not justify the speed checks there.
    Motorist Neil Nicholas told him: “The accident rate on this road is minute. It’s not as though this is by a school. This is just getting people going to work.
    “You drive down the dual carriageway and they are always there to catch people. A massive thumbs up to you.”
    A mother of three from Farnborough added: “This is just another way of the police making money out of law-abiding taxpayers. There’s a pedestrian crossing up there so it’s down to pedestrians to use it. Any accident is down to their ignorance if they don’t use it.”
    But a student at Farn-borough College of Technology supported the cameras, saying: “It’s a busy roundabout with lots of people.”
    The cameras came into operation on the A325 last April after it was deemed an accident black-spot. Fourteen people were killed or seriously injured on the northern part between 1998 and 2000.
    Pc Nick Carter, carrying out the checks, denied it was a waste of time, adding: “We don’t persecute. As with any deterrent, it’s got to be seen to be doing its job. We are trying to get the message across. We won’t stop accidents happening, but hopefully the injuries won’t be as serious.
    “Motorists who drive in excess of the speed limit have only got themselves to blame. If, however, the next time they slow down then we have achieved something. If something comes in I can pack up the equipment and go.”

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    I always warn cars and bikes when I see mobile speed traps. Is that considered illegal?

    I’ve donated to the forum, have you?


    That’s a good one, I have not come across anything in writing, but i would say if they wanted to they would do you for “obstructing justice”. However I like yourself will keep waving to friends and family just like I have always done!


    Me too!!


    Me too. My mom just won’t use the laser jammer I bought her for Christmas!

    I’ve donated to the forum, have you?

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