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    Can anyone help me?
    I am replacing the cam chain on my Yamaha XS850 Special, 1981 and I am looking to by a cheap chain riveter but I can’t seem to find the size of the cam chain. The Yamaha OEM part number is 94500-02124-00 and the description says “Chain, Camshaft (BF05M124L). Will any chain riveter do or do I need a specific one. If anyone has done this before and can supply me with a model number or a link it would be greatly appreciated.



    Hi Smucho, welcome to the forum.

    I’ve replaced a few cam chains over the years and the tool I use is a chain splitter and riveter combined. It is supposed to be suitable for all sizes of chain, but I can’t guarantee that having done only a few myself. The last couple I did were kits which had a split link like your final drive chain. At first you think ‘What’s going to happen if it breaks?’ but then you realise that you’re asking more of your final drive chain with all the mud, water and general crap that is thrown at it. And when was the last time that you heard about one of those coming off unless not properly fixed in the first place?

    Do make sure that the direction of rotation for your split link is correct and you should have no problems using a non-riveted link.

    Here’s a US site which sells riveter/splitters:

    or for $35 try this link:

    Hope this helps, I don’t know or recommend these stores but maybe they can give you more info.

    If you get chance, tell us more about your bike(s) and what Canadian biking is all about. Good luck and please let us know how you get on with the chain.


    Nice links. I did a cam chain job and used a split chain, just peened the ends over for extra security.


    Thanks for the tips guys, you’ve been very helpful.
    And Imperialdata, I’ll let you know how the chain works out and I’ll give you guys a little insight about Canandian riding when I get a chance.

    Talk to you all soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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