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    SPEED war cop Richard Brunstrom was caught up in a new car row last night — over a fleet of luxury motors for his top officers and staff.
    The Chief Constable has seen at least 20 of his senior aides provided with gleaming new models, including Mercedes, BMWs and Audis.
    The spending splurge has caused uproar in North Wales, where motorists are already fuming over Brunstrom’s speed camera vendetta against them.
    The force’s bill included in this year’s council tax soared by 19 per cent — after a 31 per cent rise last year.
    Tory Brynle Williams said: “I take offence when the police start paying for these type of vehicles.
    “They could manage with something like a Ford Focus which is more economical to run.”
    It is believed that around six cars have arrived for high-ranking officers and civilian heads of department in recent months.
    The force’s IT manager Geoff Bradley and acting Assistant Chief Constable Steve Curtis have both had a £20,000 black Mercedes C180 Kompressor.
    The Police Federation said there was “disquiet and concern” among lower ranks over the luxury cars.
    North Wales secretary Richard Eccles said he had raised concerns with bosses last December.
    He was promised an explanation — but has yet to receive one.
    He added: “I am sure there will be some irate members of the public.”
    Chief Constable Brunstrom has been given an E-class Mercedes estate.
    A force spokeswoman said the scheme to provide other chiefs with cars was agreed by the police authority in 2000.
    At that time, they used their own cars and claimed expenses.
    It was thought the extra cost to the force would be around £40,000, which could be met by cost savings.
    Welsh Assembly member Mr Williams has asked for details of the full cost of the scheme.
    He said: “We have the right as taxpayers to know what is going on.”

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    He should have given them Ferraris. Try driving one of them at 30 mph!

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