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    Make of this what you will! Some valid points on Diesel etc at the bottom, but I still don’t understand why a “scamera Partnership” are involved, maybe they want a few brownie points.

    CUMBRIA Safety Cameras has launched a Don’t Crunch After Lunch campaign to warn bikers about hazards of riding in the county.

    Police analysis of road traffic accident statistics in the county reveal that the majority of accidents involving motorcycles happen after lunch and the peak period is between three and 5pm.

    “Most people labour under the misconception that all the safety camera team does is sit at hotspots and catch speeding motorists, ” said CSC spokesman Kevin Tea.

    “A substantial amount of time is spent looking at the results of traffic surveys we undertake and analysing accident data so we can see the larger picture regarding driving patterns and behaviour.”

    “Riders often have an early start and some hard riding and following a stop for lunch the Siesta Syndrome (post lunch fatigue) and a drop in concentration seems the most likely cause why accidents soar in the afternoons.”

    “Also, Cumbria as an agricultural county has its own peculiar hazards for bikers. Diesel, mud and slurry from tractors, cars par ked awkwardly at beauty spots and the danger of collisions with assorted wildlife such as pheasants, badgers, hares and deer all call for a high level of attention at all times.”

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