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    One of the truly inspirational things about bikers is just how much they do support local and national charities. Organise a ride-out in support of a good cause and Bikers will turn up in droves and generously give their support.

    Ducati and Lexmoto ready for the off

    So was the case yesterday when I was very proud to join a local ride out in support of a place called The Leapgate Activity Centre that has been set up to help adults with learning difficulties. The ride itself was the second annual one inspired by a local lad Ben Handley who has Downs Syndrome. He is a cracking lad who loves all things bikes…hence Ben’s Ride Part Deux! It was special for me on a personal level because joining me on the ride out was my daughter Claire who has graduated from her 50cc twist and go moped in the last week to a geared 125 Lexmoto ZSA. She has literally ridden the 125 around a local industrial estate a few times and then to the Old Rose and Crown in Stourport for the start point of the run. Claire was especially keen to come as she had gone to primary school with Ben and remembered him fondly.

    Loving being out on her 125

    Anyway there was a strong turnout of at least 150 or so bikes with rider and pillions each donating £5 to the cause. The Pub was flogging breakfast baps and a bar-be-cue was being set up in readiness for our return. There was a large stall set up by ‘Bike-It’ selling a wide range of biker type stuff too. All shapes and sizes of bike (and biker!!) were in evidence…Sports bikes, adventure bikes, cruisers, retro’s, customs, trikes and I was especially pleased to see several L plate riders on 125s join the fun. There was a noticably strong representation for ladies too which is great.

    Worth the donation for the bike show alone!

    Claire and I were just going to donate and head home as a 40 mile ride with well over 100 bikes might be a bit daunting for her. But no, once she witnessed the build up she wanted to be part of it. She was touched to say hello to Ben and to be remembered by his Mom.

    Ben, really enjoying being amongst all the bikes and bikers..

    Strong turnout at The Old Rose and Crown for Ben and Leapgate…makes you proud to be a biker

    So we formed up near the back of the line, just ahead of the trikes and just behind a lad on a FZ1 (like I used to ride myself) who we had got chatting with. The ride was excellent and wound its way around some cracking local roads, touching each of the three counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire. Claire was going great guns on little Lexmoto and the pace suited her well. Generally 40-50 mph with occasional forays towards 60. All round the route people came out to cheer us on, it was great and many of us beeped horns and waved at the folks who had turned out for us. I have to say the event was well marshalled too. Fair play to those involved in that side of things

    The event was slickly marshalled by these lads and few others too

    Once back at the pub we treated ourselves to a burger, bought a little biker jacket for my impending grandchild my other daughter is due to deliver any day now. Then we headed home. I have to say I was astounded and proud at how well Claire rode in such a larger group. Above all however well done to all those who have put some cash in the coffers of the Leap Gate Activity Centre, and a big thank you to all who helped organise a superb event

    Here’s it Ben Part Trois!     

    Here is the route detail:
    Route information…
    Leaving the Old Rose and Crown Stourport on Severn (DY13 9PA), through Stourport over the bridge on the A451 to Abberley then right on the A443 through Newnam Bridge turning left through Tenbury Wells, at the end of the High street turn left on the B4204 through Upper Rochford, Broadheath, crossing the B4203 and then on through Sapey Common, Clifton upon Theme and downhill into Martley where you take a left on the B4197 to Gt Whitley to join the A443 to Holt Heath and left again to Ombersley before the final leg back to the start point via the A449 and A4025.

    More information about Leapgate can be found on their FB page here:

    The old Rose and Crown organises bike nights throughout the summer

    Claire’s take on the day

    Her FB page:


    Update on the total raised:

    Debbie Millington

    Well what a weekend a grand total of £3537.74 has been raised for Leapgate . ( may be a little more to come ) Wow


    some nice looking machinery there and a jolly decent amount raised! :-)


    some nice looking machinery there and a jolly decent amount raised! :-)

    There was somewhere between 150 and 200 bikes and trikes in attendance. I should of gone on the fighter, kicking myself really that I didn’t. Would of been a chance to show it off!


    I think we both need to remember to show the bikes off when we have an opportunity to do so

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