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    Been away for a while and got a chance to ride the Nurburgring in Germany. Wow, what a great track. Shame I had a bike which had to get me home, else I would have caned it a bit more. Maybe not, too scared[:)]

    Fed up of Autobahns, so I’ve come back to the twisties. Is it me or are there more cameras tha 6 months ago?


    PS Forum looks great, tons of work has been done. Love the logo!


    Yep there are more! Nuburgring sounded fantastic! Can you give us more details Hammy?


    Yep. Did the 20km Northern loop which they say causes most riders to re-evaluate their riding skills and they aren’t wrong. It’s got amazing twists and turns and sweeping bends that seem to go on forever. The scenery is so nice and green it distracts you a little bit. Makes you feel like you’re on a country road.
    Worked out to about a tenner for a lap which is a bargain I think. You can just turn up and pay if you want but a lot of riders and drivers had prebooked.


    Rode the Nurb back in 2001. What a great place. Agree with Hammy, you really do think you’re on a country blast until a corner comes up and you realise you’re the wrong side of 100mph. It is so cheap for a ride that I booked something like 10 laps in my stay there. Wrist, back and arse hurt real bad afterwards but still got a good souvenir of my stay there.

    Ride it if you ever get chance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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