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    The regular bike night held each Tuesday at Bassett’s Pole on the northern-eastern outskirts of Birmingham is one of the largest in the UK, but it has been over two years since I last paid a visit. So the time seemed right to go and check out the action once more.

    Thumper joined me on his Thundercat for the short ride from his house up to The Pole. Over the course of the next couple of hours we met up with several forum members. Fast Eddie was there on his rare Suzuki XN85 Turbo, and he was kept company by a mate of his who has a similar bike. I have not seen a XN85 in years out in the wild and now in front of me two sat side by side! Fast Eddie is doing a superb job of returning the rare Suzuki to pristine condition, and it is looking pretty dam good already! Chatting with FE was Lady Blade of BC who is looking forward to The Bulldog Bash next weekend. Good to meet you LB and sorry I didn’t get a chance to look at your Fireblade.

    Two Thundercats! So much class in one place!

    Now a pair of classic Turbos! Suzuki XN85! Fast Eddies is the C reg one.

    Thumper and I took a look around all the bikes on show and as usual it was the 70’s and 80’s machines that took my eye. There were several lovely RD350’s dotted about including a rather vivid lime green and silver example that was featured in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics a couple of years ago. It had been extensively modified mechanically, but still looked essentially standard. A good trick if you can pull it off! There was also a mint RD350F2 the rider of which was attracting “How the Fook did you keep with our mega sports bikes?” type comments from his mates…RDs, still a giant killer!

    God, I want another RD350 so badly…you can almost smell the 2TX and Castrol R!

    Well presented classic Zed!

    Black Country Bomber had rolled up by now on his Yamaha TDM900. As we chatted around his bike Blade Rider called over to us from the other side of the car park (lovely quiet girl…), and she came striding over holding Sheene76’s new little baby boy. Good to get them started in biking nice and young! Good to see her again and to meet Sheene76 & co for the first time as well.

    Black Country Bombers TDM

    The atmosphere was good at the Pole as we were all bathed in a gentle warming sunshine. All the more disappointing then to see a heavy handed Police presence in the form of a CCTV van and a couple of footsloggers checking the size of number-plates. Good to see serious crime being fought so bravely…Amusingly the van acquired a sticker from another forum during the course of the evening!

    Check out the cameras coming out of the roof!

    A little later it was sporting a fresh sticker! Check under the LH wiper arm!

    Tucked up in front of the van were Champs ZX6R, Gone2mars Firegrate and Blade Rider’s Fireguard. Tasty line up of bikes folks and I met Champs in person for the first time.  I also had a chat with two lads from and cheers to them for the sticker and key fob.

    Bladeriders, Champs and Gone2mars machines

    At this point light was just beginning to go so Thumper, Black Country Bomber and I headed off for a thrash to the Swan pub that is at Fradley canal junction. So cheers to all for an excellent evening and hope to see again soon.

    Just noticed I only took piccies of bikes, sorry folks!

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