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    I know this has been done before, somewhere in the distant past but where have you had your best bacon bun? Post a review here – Prices and quantity of bacon required details as well as availability of brown sauce – the proper HP stuff not that cheap rubbish…

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    What about the vegetarians among us?
    I think we should have a discussion on the best chips anyone’s ever had. Thickness, crispiness, greasiness, flavour, ….
    I’m drooling already.
    I don’t think anyone will beat the chip shops on the west coast of Scotland.


    J4 Diner! Junction 4, M180, a long time since I called but was £1.50 and stuffed with the stuff, and proper Ketchup too!!

    christina, I was once vegetarian! Think it was a Tuesday in March, back in 1978.[:p] How do you survive without meat, and are you total veggie or do you eat chicken and fish?

    Not takin piss BTW

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    Stuart XV16

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    For me it was a house somewhere in Greece in about 1986. I’d hired a trail bike and gone up the mountains for a day to explore. Got a puncture on the way down and had to push the bike to a small village. I used someone’s phone to call the hire shop and while I was explaining where I was, the owner of the house had knocked me up a fantastic bacon sandwich. Think it had got a moussaka dressing on top ’cause it was HUGE! Bacon was so thick it was more like gammon. She even gave me a brandy afterwards. First time I’ve ever been glad to get a puncture. Can’t remember where it was and can’t tell you who cooked it but it was the best BS I’ve ever tasted.

    PS Try miming “Thanks for the phone call and the gammon sandwich” without looking like Marcel Marceau.


    I still eat chicken and fish. Couldn’t survive without them.
    You’re showing your age there Stuart. I was only a year old in 1978![:p]


    Oh no! Not on about age again! Age is a state of mind!
    Seriously though Christina, why dont you eat other meats? Is it you dislike them? I used to work with animals and the smell of the barn when the sheep where lambing smelled just like roasting lamb! Couldn’t eat lamb for years after. Curious as to why you dont eat other meats.

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    I never really liked them that much anyway but my dad used to manage a butcher factory and he quit because the stuff the owner wanted to put in the burgers and sausages was so bad!
    I also learned at college that the human digestive system can’t cope with red meat and all the stuff that’s left over sits in a little sack at the end of the intestines and rots. Smells really really bad and causes all sorts of health problems.
    My dad had a triple heart bypass and the surgeon told him the best thing he could do was to give up red meat as it’s the biggest source of saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet.
    Loads of reasons to be glad I gave it up!


    PS. I won’t say too much about age. I’m 27 and everyone in my class at college is 21. Even I feel old sometimes. [xx(]


    Fair comment! Like my meat too much to give it up but I think if I saw what was gathering in my innards it would probably turn my stomach!

    Rebel with a cause!

    The roads are my race track!!


    I hope no-one was reading that before their breakfast. [V]


    Dorrells Cafe in Stourport on Severn Worcs sells the most sublime Bacon, egg and mushroom (on crusty) I have ever tasted.
    It is also next to a small bike shop run by the same family.
    Decent Cafe just in Wales at a place called Crossgates.
    Craven Arms in Shropshire has a couple of decent biker friendly cafes too.

    My oldest Daughter is a Vege, but still eats fish “because they are ugly”. Her mother had better sleep with an eye open!!

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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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