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    Long time Forum member Digger has recently made the bold move to go back from a hyper naked to a full fat sports bike…here is an interestingly little insight as to why:

    I can honestly say getting the ZX10R KRT was the best move….I should have got one instead of the Tuono. Like many of us who had a break from biking and are feeling the urge to get back on a bike but feeling the ever increasing body aches and groans I decided to get the Tuono on good advice.The sports position would be too radical for me and I needed to calm down my riding.The Tuono had bags of power and all the bling as it was the factory but the riding position for me was so uncomfortable because of the wind blast on my head and upper body.This caused my head to rattle and caused a lot of neck strain.I just didn't gel with the Tuono.It looked great and sounded epic but you know the feeling when you can't wait to open your garage door and be greeted by the bike that gives you butterflies….well the Tuono didn't for me.

    The ex…

    The Zx10 on the other hand is ….well….out of this world.The riding position isn't as bad as I thought and I know I'll be comfortable on long journeys.With 204 BHP and the agility to out shine a Japanese bullet train,its the bike for me.I just love it.When you cant sleep thinking has Santa been yet like an 8yr old on xmas morning,well that's the feeling I have every morning so much so I'm knackered in work.The Nieghbours must love me as I've already washed it twice at 5.20am lol.😁.

    The new love…

    So bring on Scotland in two weeks time and let's see what the Highlands can offer this beast.

    Posted on Digger's behalf as he can't find his log in details anymore!

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