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    Speed Monster

    A few weeks ago, i rung my mate Stu on his mobile. And yes, i know before anybody pipes up, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, what was slightly out of the ordinary was the fact that he answered the call using the built in intercom system in his his Schuberth CS3 Pro lid.

    The clarity of the call astounded me, he was doing 50 mph down the A326 on the edge of the new forest. I could hear every word he said clearly as if he was stood next to me. Stunned doesn’t quite cover it!

    The purpose of the call had been to arrange meeting up for a ride, so i set off to meet him and the others at another mates house. We met up and off we went. (I’ll get some pics up of that ride later).

    Well the seed had been planted now and so i spoke to him about the intercom system. The one in the C3 Pro is from Cardo Systems and is an absolutely superb system.

    You can have yours and another 8 hooked up together on the intercom, you can make & receive phone calls, it has a built in FM radio receiver & it will play the music files you have stored on your iphone or android phone! To top it all off, you can hook two phones or a phone and a sat nav system up to the headset via bluetooth.


    £550 (ish) will get you the lid and the SRC system fitted.

    Now i wasn’t in the market for a new lid, but Stu told me that Cardo Systems also do a few other “bolt-on” systems that are compatible with the SRC, so i went and had a look online the next day.

    Yet again, Ebay was my friend coming up trumps with Cardo Systems Scala Rider G9 system.

    It has all the functions of the SRC but bolts on to your current lid with a clamp and mine came in at half the price! Winner!

    That one on the page is the G9x but is the same system with a new moniker on it.

    These systems have already proven themselves to Stu and me as a  brilliant bit of kit, making sure that we don’t get split up in traffic or at junctions.

    My only real complaint is that the speakers are tinny sounding whilst playing music.

    A 9.5 out of 10 from me!

    8) 8) 8)


    I agree Rob!
    After finally stumping up for a TomTom Rider this year I needed a bolt on system to fit to my current lid, after much research I went for the Interphone F5MC twin kit (so the missus & I can chat whilst on our bikes, good idea ??)
    It has similar functions to the system you used but it’s very critical where the speakers are placed & can take a couple of test runs to perfect the positioning, both the sat nav & headset have improved the experience no end.


    It does seem like a good system and it would be a good way for a group of riders to keep in touch with each other. However one of the key things I like about my bike is getting away from phones, radios etc…


    I’ve been toying with getting a C3pro lid for a while with the intercom system to use the bluetooth from the satnav, good to hear a glowing review of it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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