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    Yes, there is an alternative – the Thursday evening Bike Nite!  ::)

    Same kind of venues, but usually with a smaller group of likeminded people…… But of course this one was very well attended, being at the Full Pitcher in Ledbury, epicentre of a myriad of great biking roads, on a beautiful sunny evening before the weather breaks for the weekend.

    Originally couldn’t be arsed, but a speculative text from Ollie galvanised the old Yam into action.

    A quick blast up to Frome Hill to say hello to the T34…

    before joining Ol on the Ledbury cricket pitch – today’s bike park. (Thanks to Ol for the photo – pinched from FB)

    Cracking cheeseburger with onions & chips washed down by a drop or two of RAW beer…. nectar of the gods. Had a good natter with Nick and the crew from Skellerns Cheltenham – sounds like a trip to the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling next August could be a shoe-in….
    Lovely though the weather and company, the evenings are drawing in so we perused the assembled bikes as the light faded…..

    Very nice XJR…

    Ol apparently texting a Norton??

    Oh, I see…


    She’d certainly make my TDM a little more interesting….

    Anyone ridden one of these Spyders?

    The solo ride home through the pitch black, along some of the best minor roads around, was a blast – even with the somewhat limited TDM headlights making it interesting….. The occasional set of foxes eyes glinting at the roadside; an owl swooping through the headlights; bats circling a streetlamp – glorious! Night-time biking is often under-rated…..

    Anyway Radar, Ses, Kat, Thumper, et al – see you at The Trumpet Inn, Merstow Green WR11 4BD in a couple of weeks (Thursday 24th Sep)? Or at Gupshill Manor, Tewkesbury GL20 5SG on Weds 23rd? Or (less likely) the Kings Head, Bishops Cleeve, GL52 8AU on Weds 16th Sep? They’re the last ones of the season….. Just don’t bring the rain!


    Nice write up and pictures.

    Sorry mate I’m away end of Sept, so can’t make any of those meets.


    Nice write up and pictures.

    Sorry mate I’m away end of Sept, so can’t make any of those meets.

    Hope you’re going somewhere good, Kat: otherwise you’ll be missing out on some lovely sunny biking evenings…. or not, as the case may be…..  8)


    I will try and make at least one of these, and while I am free on Wednesday, the weather forecast is not a cause for optimism right now!

    Great pictures by the way, loving the T34 and XJR

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