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    Apparantley 22 year old wet dreams are worth £750 if the text below is to be believed!!!

    I also like the “rare” and “collectors item” being used to describe it!

    Oh and “I have travelled all over europe on it” – must have took a while then…

    Originally posted by xv16:

    A Shropshire travel fanatic whose 22-year-old rare motorbike was stolen and damaged says he is “fuming” that a man found with the bike is not being prosecuted.
    Nick de Salis with his Honda SuperDream bike which was stolen and damaged
    Police officers discovered the stolen 250cc Honda SuperDream motorbike, a collector’s item, outside a house in Broseley last week – around a month after it was stolen.
    Owner Nick de Salis, 66, of Much Wenlock, says the motorbike, which was worth £750, is now worth just £150 because of damage caused to it.
    Police later arrested a man who claimed it had been sold to him for just £20 but Mr de Salis has been told by the Crown Prosecution Service that the case will not be taken to court – despite the man being charged with handling stolen goods.
    Now he says he is furious that no-one has been brought to justice for stealing the bike, which was taken from his locked garage in Barrow Street, Much Wenlock.
    Mr de Salis, who is semi-retired, said: “I have owned motorbikes since I was 16 and I have travelled all over Europe on this particular bike.
    “I have really looked after it and so it has risen in value because it is quite a collector’s items now. I was pleased when it was found but it is worth just £150 now because of all the damage done to it and it would cost too much to have it repaired all at once.
    “I have been told it has been decided not to prosecute and it just leaves me absolutely fuming.
    “I was very angry anyway to think that someone had stolen my bike but then to hear that no action is going to be taken just seems wrong.”
    Inspector Andy Thomas, Bridgnorth police chief, said police were unable to prove who had stolen the bike.
    “It can be very frustrating but we are not responsible for the decision made by the Crown Prosecution Service,” he added.

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    Wow. Must rush out and repair the one I have in the garage. It’s 23 years old so must be worth more! Hope the insurance company pays the ‘going rate’.


    Can’t get worked up over bikes like that. Even in their day they were a bit boring. Need to be a bit more special to be a modern day classic.


    I have owned three Superdreams, two as hacks and one for spares. If there was a biking Pictionary, a picture of a Superdream would be next to the word dull!
    Having said that I sold my last one (HAE 514X)to somebody who was going to restore it!!
    Classic Motorcycle mechanics regularly feature the things.
    Had my first crash on one too!

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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