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    Quick point, somewhere along the line there are now two or three spellings for aberystwyth.

    Anyways, here’s my footage of the weekend. Cut into about 5 1/2 minutes. Tried to make it as good as I could, the bug that hit the lens in the latter part of the day didn’t help my cause.

    Two things to mention:

    1) Yes, I know, the fairing that the camera was mounted turns out to be slightly angled, and before some smartarse makes the comment, no… I don’t always ride with the bike leant 5 degrees over to one side, and I do understand that you will find yourself watching with your head tilted.

    2) The camera is never going there again, because on some islands it must only be clearing the ground by inches which worries me a bit.




    Hi Champs, good to see you in here too. Thanks for posting the video clip from Sunday good stuff! I altered the title of your post slightly to make it clear that is a video. Made it sticky too. Hope that is OK!


    This link will help you look around the site


    Hi Champs and welcome. Great vid of the Habberriswiff ride[:D]
    Gave it 5 stars!


    Really enjoyed the Vid bud…and great to see you out on sunday too!
    Hope we can get another meeting in before the weather goes naff.


    Hasn’t the weather always been naff this year?

    Here’s to next year! :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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