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    I am a biker, I have a Harley and a Aprilia, I have been riding all my life (I am 43), when in my car I always move over to let bikes pass.
    Last Sunday (12-08-07) I was driving home from Norwich with my 2 months pregnant wife when a sports bike Y262 *** pulled straight out from a service area in front of us (we were in the fast lane) causing me to slam on my brakes so I didn’t hit the idiot, my wife was screaming as she thought we were to to hit him. I sounded my horn and then he slowed down to 30 MPH (on dual carridgeway) and would not let us past, he started weaving about from one side of us to another and giving us the finger, this continued for about 5 miles.
    My wife was screaming and crying and we could not get rid of this idiot. I have reported this to the police but I doubt they will do anything.
    There was absolutley no need for feckin idiot to do that, he was riding with another bike and the other bike was 100% Ok, he pulled out normally and stayed well out of the way causing no problems.
    The idiot was riding like he was untouchable reaching speeds in excess of 120 mph on a old P.O.S..
    Do you know this bike? if so contact me or the Police. (maybe a reward)
    This idiot is nothing more than a selfish t**t.


    Well I’m sorry to hear that, always bad news to hear of a badly ridden bike and/or aggressive rider. Trouble is, though we like to think of ourselves sometimes as an exclusive club where everyone rides to the best of their ability, we know that it isn’t the case. Somewhere deep down you get the feeling that it will end up going wrong big time for this biker and we can only hope there are no more innocent casualties along the way.

    I’ve removed the registration number from your post purely because it’s against this forum’s rules to print reg numbers without the owners consent, I hope you understand this.


    Hi Angry. Can understand your upset, I’ve been cut up lots recently and had a few road rage incidents directed at me over the years. Makes it worse if you have a pregnant wife, you don’t need that kind of stress.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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