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    BIG ED

    I hope this works I am in a Mustache contest on 931jackfm.com on the contest I am losing to Fullerton College student a female. She is either cheating or she is very very good at net working. I was going to make a publicty blitz for Locks of Love by challanging any and everyone to donate their hair if I win the prize which is a new truck. The young lady does not have a mustache she has a tattoo of one on her finger and holds it to her nose. It’s really scary the way she is able to almost at will get more votes then any way I need banks of computors to vote since they go by IP address so there is only on vote per computer PLEASE HELP I NEED YOUR VOTE BEFORE 6:00 PM California time go to 931jackfm.com click on the truck and go vote for Ed Baker from La Mirada Ca. PLEASE !!! THANK YOU

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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