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    Hey guys, just passed my A2 Licence. looking to get a 600 sports. something different.

    i know all about the big 4.

    but does anyone know of any 600’s rather than the more common ones.

    (looking at a Triumph Daytona)

    Thanks Guys


    Hello tgm,welcome to the forum mate,there are plenty of guys on here who have 600`s one of them is Radar,he has 2 but can give you the low down on 600`s.


    Hi TGM welcome to TBF.
    Have you thought about the SV? Quite a sporty twin[;)]


    Welcome to the forum

    Triumph Daytona would be a sound choice, the earlier TT600 received mixed reviews in the press but the people I have spoken to have owned them have rated them highly especially for cornering capability. The TT600 can be picked from around £2000


    Other choices could be Italian such as the sporty Laverda 650 and 688 parallel twins. Nothing like as quick as the Japanese 600s but again great handling and good looking too.



    Laverda 650

    Ducati could be a option the M600 Monster is a massive amount of fun on shorter runs and tight back lanes. Again lacks the outright go of Japanese four cylinder 60, but is loads of fun to ride. Forum member Thumper has one and rates it very highly. I have ridden it too and can confirm it puts a smile on your face.

    Thumper’s M600
    More details in this thread


    He is toying with idea of selling and upgrading to a M900. Might be worth dropping him a PM

    There are also faired 600 Ducatis and these are good bikes too. Electrics can be iffy, but the real thing to ensure that the belt in he engine that turns the camshafts and operates the valves (the cambelt) has been changed at the correct time and that the valve gear has been serviced coreectly too.

    Just how cool do you want to look?


    Gix’s suggestion of the SV650 Suzuki is sound as this bike captures the character of the Italian and British 600cc bikes and adds a dash of japanese practicality. Swift, reliable and great handling by repute. I prefer the earlier more rounded looking model.

    There is a Korean copy of the SV, the Hyosung Comet, more details in this link:


    I would not rule out the Japanese 600s completely, they are hughley popular because by and large they are very, very good bikes.

    The modern generation machines such as the Honda CBR600RR, Yamaha R6 are absolutely stunning. But even older generation machines such a my 1998 Yamaha Thundercat are impressive bikes, 150 mph, fast acceleration, great brakes and handling. Hard to go wrong. You can pick up post 1995 bikes from around £1400 from most the jap factories.

    Early generation stuff such as the GPz600 Kawasaki or my FZ600 are a little dated now, but can provide budgey fun if you lower your expectations a little. My FZ600 is for sale BTW


    PM me if you are interested

    Have a general look about the site, there is much good reading on here. This link will take you to just some of it


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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