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    Nearly 50 motorcyclists are being charged with speeding offences after a four-day speed camera operation across Cornwall and Devon over Easter.
    One was caught doing 114mph on an A-road, while another was doing a seen “wheelie” at 70 miles per hour.
    Of the 48 caught, more than 40 bikers were from the South West.
    Members of the Devon and Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership say such motorcyclists are putting themselves and other drivers at great risk.

    Police have raised concerns that riders would have known about the Easter campaign because it was well advertised, with extra signs being put out to alert drivers and riders to cameras.
    The Devon and Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership is made up of several agencies, including councils across the South West, the Highways Agency and Devon and Cornwall Police.
    Natalie Hatswell from the partnership said the number of riders caught during the campaign was disturbing.
    She said: “They’re posing an incredible danger, not only to themselves, but to other road users as well.
    “At those speeds, if you lose control of your bike, you take out not only yourself, but other traffic around you.
    “They’ve got to remember that what they’re riding is basically a weapon.”
    However, motorcyclists say the vast majority are responsible, with only a few driving dangerously.
    Peter Gilbert, who has been a biker for almost 40 years, said: “They are no worse than car drivers at all. That’s what I’ve found in my experience.”
    The bikers who were caught speeding will be prosecuted. Police said those doing more than 100mph can expect a driving ban.

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