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    They cant even get their figures right on the cost of these things

    Thief steals £34,000 speed camera

    A motorist (almost) caught speeding is believed to be responsible for stealing a speed camera to avoid prosecution.
    Police were called after a member of the public noticed the door on the camera, situated near Longcot, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, was open.

    Officers say the camera and flash – which will cost over £42,000 to replace – was stolen sometime between Thursday 1 July, and Sunday, 4 July.

    Police said the driver would have had to stand on a car to reach the camera.

    Pc Simon Jenkin told BBC News Online: “This is a very quiet area, But it still justifies a scamera with very little crime, so I’d describe this as a significant crime.

    “Due to the height of the camera we suspect the thief would have had to stand on a car or pick-up in order to reach it.

    “It’s likely someone would have seen this and we’d appeal for any witnesses to come forward.”

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