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    Part 1. July 22nd the BBQ.

    Well this great summer of ours was on form typical of 2007 ~ wet and miserable. Grey and dank, more autumnal October than mid-summer July. What the hell is going on??

    So this kind of kept numbers down a bit for the BBQ but Gix, BK, Toddy (Get that GT750 back on the road!), Thumper (+clan), Terrible Tony, his girlfriend Hannah and my clan were faced with the food Gix and BK had laid on. Tough job but somebody had to do it! A huge spread was laid out for us and soon ribs, chicken pieces, burgers and sosauges were been attacked with some gusto. All cooked inside as the BBQ option was a non-starter obviously!

    Carlsberg Export, Johm Smiths and some red fizzy stufff helped wash it all down and we promptly moved on to a farting competition. Gix won on frequency but I am proud to say I definately dealt the smelliest! Don’t you just love a high brow evening with friends!

    Gix’s K2 was looking comfortable in the Kitchen amongst the other white goods, and rumour has it that the K8 will boast an ever higher spin speed! Terrible Tonys XJ600 Diversion did at least add some Yamaha class to the proceedings!

    There’s a Gix in the Kitchen, what am I gonna do? (UB40, keep up folks!)

    In a desperate bid to slow TT down, Gix chains his bike to her shed!

    It seemed to work as Gix goes past on her K2

    So all in all an excellent evening, good to meet some new faces for me, Toddy, Terrible Tony and Hannah.

    Part 2 ~ The Ride Out

    Thumper and I could only join the ride out for about 40 miles today as floods caused aome fun and I took Thumpers Thundercat for a paddle.

    Good to get out for a bit and look forward to seeing pics/reviews from the C&F that Gix has

    Gathering at Thumpers

    Floods caused a few turnarounds until we decided to wade through a couple of sections ~ no pictures of that I am afraid. Water we actually rode through was about 8″ deep!

    The other bikes have sunk and we are just trying to figure out how many people you can fit on a GSXR1000!

    A grand evening/day out. Hope the stuff was OK for the school and that you raised a few quid!

    Thanks to all involved!


    I’d like to say a big thanks to all that showed their support, what a great 2 days!
    I dont see Toddy very often, have known him for close to 15 years, it was a lovely surprise to see him yesterday, and I shall keep nagging him to get his bike sorted!
    And today, in all the years I have lived in this area, never before have I found it so difficult to leave lol, all but one road out of Tamworth flooded, unfortunately that one road was going in the wrong direction, but despite spending nearly an hour to find a route, we got there in the end and had a great day.
    It was great to see you all again, will get the pics off BK in the week and post them up.
    Thanks again guys, see you all again soon!


    Looks like a great couple of days.

    Had to wade through waist deep water to get home on Friday so didn’t venture out this weekend.

    Just need to persuade Mrs Kat to let me keep my bike in the kitchen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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