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    Just a short local hop on the 550, but just so good to be out…roll on summer!



    Had my second solo outing of 2016 on Sunday: total nightmare!

    The addition of K&N air filter (or a disturbance of sensors) at last week’s service has totally buggered the fuelling. So it stalls and bogs down at low revs under load. To get up our steeper-than-1-in-4 slippery driveway I had to keep the revs well above 5000rpm, slipping the clutch for nearly 100m: up our bit, onto the joint concrete slab then up the lane until it levels out at Jed’s place. To stall on the first or second sections would mean tumbling down the concrete strips, so concentration was paramount….

    My proposed 95 mile jaunt to Gospel Pass soon reduced to 12 miles around the lanes: it started drizzling – no problem normally, but the tyres have also just ‘gone off’ so squirming around on a pair of weasels while still clutch-slipping at every junction and upwards hairpin bend detracted somewhat from the experience.

    Next weekend: get a new normal air filter then Rich Kingdon will do a series of dyno runs under load to compare (if I can get it to Whitecroft unscathed!). We reckon that the K&N + the Beowulf cans + my ECM fuelling mod = incompatibility…..    8)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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