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    In The Beginning:

    Bought on 11th June 1999 for £5400 from The Motorcycle Mart (Kidderminster) Ltd, this was the first new bike for me since the new 1983 XN85 650cc Turbo Suzuki and previously the new 1981 Honda CB900FA.

    Being a smaller capacity than the previous 2 bikes BUT 16 years of technology had significant bearing on performance and handling, I eagerly awaited finding out what the improvements would bring. Initially I realised that this bike was REALLY solid on the road unlike anything I’d owned previously, road tests said that this bike was lacking in brakes compared with other Jap 600’s, the others I’d not tried, so can’t comment they seemed great to me! The only downside (If you’re waiting to find another stop reading now as you won’t find one in this article from me) is the fact that unless you slip the clutch from a standing start the engine WILL bog down and hold back from the off until you hit 3500 revs. Initial service was carried out at 786 miles on 5th July costing just a few quid for greases etc.
    The 6500 max revs for the 1st 500 miles and 10000 max revs for up to the 1000 mile mark were adhered to unless downhill with-out loading the engine, and then it was the gradual bit by bit increase of the revs.
    Well I was most surprised with what the performance levels are for this size of bike and to this day I can’t say what the top end is and have only seen 152mph in 5th gear (of 6) when tried under limited length near straight conditions on a private road. The ram air effect comes in at 140 when you feel a boost in power levels and bends at this speed feel like your on rails.
    I know that it’s often stated that little will keep up with a 600 when ridden hard on the road and I agree with that statement, as my 2 mates on their ZXR900’s don’t keep up when solo when I’m 2 up daft as it sounds – no I’m not joking! (but maybe 35 years of experience does give me the upper hand).

    Service History:

    Here are a few details on servicing, which have all been carried out at the supplying dealer :

    2nd Service   4279 Miles 7th  June 2001 £  95.33
    3rd Service   8514 Miles 5th    July 2003 £171.64
    4th Service 11817 Miles 27th Aug 2004 £105.33
    5th Service 15630 Miles 30th Sept 2005 £246.18
    6th Service 20180 Miles 9th  Sept 2006 £  91.97

    Tyre life :
    1st pair of Dunlop  D207’s lasted 4700 miles
    2nd pair of Dunlop D207’s lasted 5000 miles
    3rd pair of Dunlop D207’s lasted 5036 miles
    4th  pair of Dunlop D207’s lasted 4378 miles £188 but the front took 800 miles to get to feel right as every bend felt like the front would slide away!
    5th pair of Dunlop D208RR’s lasted 4352 miles £160 they are much better than the D207’s feeling right from the off, they are perfect for this bike.
    6th rear only Dunlop D208RR special price of £51.50 plus fitting. (The front is still fine after 4450 miles)

    Changed at 13,500 miles for £106, the original developed tight spots so I decided to change it, it was not actually worn out.

    The only cosmetic parts I have changed is to put on a new Blue screen courtesy of Ebay for £27.50, a Carbon Look Hugger from M&P which was £89 and a Yoshimura RS3 oval can £87.50 second hand  again from Ebay (but in great condition) to make a “Proper” sound. Oh and I have fitted a TomTom Rider onto the fairing bracket cross-stay.

                                       Both are sporting 600s, but the Suzuki is significantly more extreme

    Brake Pads:
    The rears lasted until 8514 Miles and were included in the price of the service, the current set are fine and the fronts have never been changed and no where near towards the end of their life.

    I have recorded every drop that’s gone into her and the least she’s done is 40.33 and the best 55.17, normal, for me, runs into Mid or North Wales of 160-250 miles on a  Sunday return 48-52 MPG with a reduction of 3-4MPG if 2 up.

    Absolutely great, any miss-doings have been through my bad judgment and she has got me out of several scrapes, she has caused zero herself.

    Battery Life:
    Still on the original, never re-charged or even trickle charged.

    With the exception of an amount of vibration through the right hand handle bar at 60-80 she’s fine for a Sports bike (That’s why I tend to vary my speed with the odd blast)

    Would you believe non to write home about! But have had bags of fun![:)]

    Absolutely great, a bar end grommet, which was £1.50 fell off  (or was nicked) so they are now glued into place and I have just this week replaced the gear change rubber £3.40 because of signs of wear (It didn’t HAVE to be changed). Bar that nothing has worn out and the overall condition is very good considering she’s 8 years old and has 23,500 on the clock, having said that she doesn’t go out too often when there is salt on the road.

    Styles change and performances DO get better. Gixxer 600 SRAD’s were good for their day.

    Maybe not always the best when placed back to back with other manufacturers, there sure are lots of them still out there. Mine HAS BEEN (until 16th June 2007) the best bike I’ve ever owned. That’s why I decided to keep the 600 AND that’s why I now have the GSXR1000 Isle of Man TT. [:D]I Love Suzuki’s![:)]



    Excellent and informative stuff. I am still going to keep on buying Yamahas though…


    Interesting read so added to the reccommended threads



    Rode this bike today, excellent machine. I will do a write up when I get 5 mins



    Great report, and you’ve kept her nice and clean too. I always liked the look of the sporty 600, except for the slightly bulbous ar5e. (Same goes for sporty women!).

    Good luck with your 1000.



    Originally posted by Gordy

    Great report, and you’ve kept her nice and clean too. I always liked the look of the sporty 600, except for the slightly bulbous ar5e. (Same goes for sporty women!).

    Good luck with your 1000

    Thanks Gordy, she’s approaching her 10th birthday and still looking good. Will put an update on round about her anniversary.


    Great write up TT,hope she gives you many more years of pleasure



    Originally posted by ses310

    Great write up TT,hope she gives you many more years of pleasure

    Thanks ses, I would like to think that I can take her out on her birthday for a good blast and get a higher figure on the speedo than I’ve seen on her before[:D]


    Excellent review TT, the bike looks great. I reckon those will be very collectable in years to come.


    MOT time has come and gone without incident.

    Followed Radars lead I took her to Chadwick Bank MOT Station Nr Stourport-on-Severn Worcestershire, where a new certificate was issued. There was an advisory, for a front tyre at 1.6mm, but that was no suprise as I asked them to check it the previous day, at only approx 1000 miles a year that may last until next year.

    Annual Ride Out With The Standard Silencer


    I know it is a 99 model, but your bike might be suitable for this:

    Dear Gixerjunkie Member
    2010 is the 25th anniversary of the GSXR, to that end and seeing we are the largest GSXR resource in the UK, Suzuki GB have asked us if we can help them locate two blue and white GSXR’s to be securely displayed at the forthcoming NEC bike show. The bikes will not be directly accessible by any other member of the general public. They will be cared for and looked after securely. They will not be climbed on or messed with by the public.
    Suzuki GB urgently need a blue and white 2001 GSX-R1000 in standard trim and excellent condition and they need a blue and white 1997 GSX-R600 SRAD in standard trim and excellent condition to loan for the duration of the NEC show.
    Both these models were the first of their generation and will form part of a GSXR complete history display. To say thank you for anyone able to help them – two complimentary tickets will be presented to the owner of each bike along with a warm welcome in the VIP hospitality area of the Suzuki stand.
    For more details or if you are able to help, please either PM Suzukispares on the GJ site or email Gareth at Redcar Motorcycles on [email protected].

    This is your chance for your two minutes of fame


    Thanks Radar, I dont expect they will have much trouble finding the right one, I have sent an email offering mine if they should need it. Thanks for the tip-off



    Originally posted by TT07

    Thanks Radar, I dont expect they will have much trouble finding the right one, I have sent an email offering mine if they should need it. Thanks for the tip-off

    No worries bud, I thought it was worth a punt even it is a long shot


    I loved my ’97 SRAD, never got that good mpg from it though lol


    [:)]My My Gix what do you mean!![:)] Had a dawdle over to the coast last week two up, yep she’s still doing 50 plus MPG when I behave myself.

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