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Hiya radar, seems like you enjoy the twisties.. my personal favourite :-)

But man, the speeds you were doing were phoenomenal. 95-100mph !!! that’s like 160kmph here !!!

Following are a few twisties that I have experienced…

– Going from Bangalore to Mangalore. A stretch of twisties come which takes about 1 hour to cross. There were 16 bikes in all in the group going ( 10 bullets, 4 RD 350s, 1 Pulsar, 1 CBZ (me !). As we started the ghats ( the local term given to the twisties in south india), I decided to break away from the bullet pack (they were going too slow for me in those lovely hills), and raced ahead. That was the only time I have been able to keep up with the RDs :-). Basically a friend of mine on a blue RD saw me on his tail, and the race was on.. My Bike leans better than the RDs, so every corner, I would gain a bit on him, which would all go waste as soon as the corner finished – the burst of acceleration from the RD being too great for my CBZ to handle. That was fun !

– The second trip that i can’t forget was going to the Kudremukh National Park ( again south india. I was working in bangalore at that time). I was doing this trip solo, and after the 100+ speeds on the state highways, i finally struck the hills. Its about 70kms of twisties. The roads in the initial parts is very bad (I think about 20kms). After that, it becomes bliss !!! The road passes through tight twists .. opens up into paddy field valleys, where you are suddenly brushing past the rice growing taller than you and your bike combine, and again hitting the tight twisities. About 30kms of this, and then you hit the mountains – the temperature difference is noticible … and the scenery is just marvelous. The roads at this point are about the best roads in the hills I have seen here, and with very sparse traffic.

My next sojourn would probably be to the roads up the Himalayas. I have grown up there, but when I did get a bike, I am about 2000kms away from there :-( . The beauty of those mountains is just breathtaking !