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Norton Motorcycles Commando 961SP Black

Norton Motorcycles – Finally a Bright Future for a Legendary Brand

I have been extremely curious to see how things have been progressing at Norton Motorcycles since the takeover by the Indian giant TVS, a company that produces thousands of motorcycles per year. The Norton Motorcycles name re-born again, and again They seem to be doing the right thing by this illustrious, but often troubled, brand. Continue reading

KTM1290R 2022 at Night

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R or S? The Tale of Two Twins

Being an engineer is sometimes a curse. I can’t buy anything on a whim, I have to ponder my options, consider the pro’s and con’s, sample the market, take some advice. It’s applicable to the majority of all my purchases but especially true for motorbikes. How to Replace a Trusted Friend? Now, I was in Continue reading

Aberystwyth Valley motorcycle roads

Ice Cold in Aberystwyth

The weather forecast stated 25ºC and warming sunshine all day. This isn’t bad for early October in England. The last few days had all been in a similar vein. Just about perfect conditions to enjoy riding motorcycles! It’s Such a Perfect Day You can’t beat an English summer’s day: Temperate. Sunny and lush green countryside Continue reading

Honda VF500 Pre Restoration

Rebuilding a Honda VF500: Restoration of the Soul!

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to purchase a Honda VF500FII for the bargain price of Just £85. A great chance to do some more restoration I thought. Is it Worth all the Effort? However, I was surprised when a number of folk I’d shared the knowledge of my good fortune with, Continue reading

Morgan factory

The Italian Job Cotswolds Style!

There is just something about Italian machinery and vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether it is a car, bike, motorcycle, ship, or train. They may not be the best technically or yield the best numbers, but man they are always good looking, and have a certain brio lacking in the offerings from more, let’s say efficient Continue reading

ToL – Taste of Lincolnshire 2023. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

It’s remarkable to think that 2023 marks the 20th edition of this excellent ride out. One of the series of ride outs organised around the country by members of the Yamaha Thundercat enthusiast’s forum. Amusingly barely anybody in the group now actually owns a Thundercat: They arrive on tasty selection of Ducati, BMW, and other Continue reading

The Wonder of Worcestershire 2023: Riders on the Storm

Summer, you know the season when temperatures are supposed to be the highest and rainfall the lowest. So, you’d think setting WoW 2023 smack bang in the middle of said summer, would be a safe bet. After all our previous gathering in 2022 had enjoyed sweltering conditions. Sadly, it didn’t work out that way. You Continue reading

Twisted Iron – Cornmill Yard – Roll In

Founded as place where bikers who like their ride to be built rather than bought,  Twisted Iron is a social hub. It operates both online and in the ‘real-world’. Founder Russell Cort has been running it for several years now. He is a well-known and respected figure in the custom bike world. Over the years Continue reading

Checking out Surfing Country: Cornwall by GS and Thundercat

For reasons that I can’t fully explain this year I just didn’t fancy a bike trip over in mainland Europe. I wanted to just stick a few bits of kit on the bike and head out somewhere. No ferries, passports, green cards, copies of my logbook etc. Simple was the order of the day, just Continue reading

Iconic Motorcycles – A Personal Take on the Most Significant Bikes from 1980 to 2010

Just my take on things and written a few years ago now. I might choose differently now, but still an interesting read 1980. Yamaha RD350LC: Took two stroke lunacy to a new level, in neat and fantastically well styled package.  The little brother 250cc variant even triggered a change in the law A modified LC. Continue reading