Free Bike Show Everytime: The Joys of Your Local Cafe

You Can’t Beat a Free Bike Show: The great thing about our local biker’s haunt, The Food Stop Cafe at Quattford near Bridgnorth isn’t the food. Nor is the friendly staff, stunning views across the Severn Valley or the fact it is on a fabulous strip of tarmac (the A448 by the way). ┬áNo it Continue reading

The Ones That Got Away…

One Day, One Day Recently I have seen quite a few lists on various internet groups and websites of bikes that people have owned over the years. It is interesting when put down in an entertaining way: Helping you to build a picture of person and their life experiences. Of course, I have list of Continue reading

Classics at the National Museum

Last weekend saw me visit The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in Hampshire. Located in the grounds of the stunning Beaulieu Palace House, the ancestral home of the Montagu family for generations and famously a base for the training of secret SOE agents for the Allies during WW2. While the focus is on cars and Continue reading