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    From the BBC:
    Young biker Archie Freeman is hooked on speedway
    BBC Look North is focusing on sports stars of the future for its latest series of Sportskids.

    Archie Freeman, seven, from Newcastle, wants to be a speedway rider.

    His father took him to see the Newcastle Diamonds speedway team two years ago and he has been hooked ever since.

    With the help of the team’s trainer, Archie has become a capable rider and the Diamonds have made him their first official mascot, which means he gets to ride before every home meeting for his team.

    BBC Look North’s Stephanie Cleasby joined him on the track to find out more.

    Source and video clip:


    have never been to speedway… should really go see what its all about! :-)


    I’ve been a couple of times, when I lived down Weymouth, spose i was about 14 or 15yrs ;) ;D Bit scary when you haven’t any brakes  :o

    Swindon Andy

    I’ve been a few times to Speedway. Glad I did, to support Swindon who are currently the Elite league champions. It’s quite exciting and has a great fan base, but I can’t develop a passion for it.
    The world series is good to watch on Sky when it comes round.

    The organisers have done a lot to keep all the teams roughly level, so you don’t get a Man U of speedway that wins everything due to high spend.
    A points system for forming teams is applied, a good team has to virtually dissolve and reform with new signings every season. The scoring in the matches is also complicated, worth reading up on it before you go. I still don’t fully remember all the bonuses.


    Back in the 1970’s I used to go to watch the Birmingham BRMB Brummies who raced at the long defunct Perry Barr stadium. I remember how brave the riders were and how stupid me and my brother were for standing on a corner to watch our first race…we got showered in gravel from the track! I was only 10!

    The team was out of racing for many years, but they have started again now in a new stadium, still in Brum. Must get down there sometime

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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