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    No, not wheelie bikes,my bikes.  I’ve had a fair few but the latest is a nice Duke Monster 900 and an old TZR250 that isnt much to look at but is a hoot to ride. The Monster is showing its age now so I might be looking to change soon. Frame is losing paint and electrics are a bit tempramental. Still it has bags of character and lots of torque.

    Nice to see the Ducati pictures from the race meet, wish I was there.

    Cheers for now


    I’ve always like the Monsters, wouldn’t mind a go on one in the future and I bet the TZR is amazing fun!


    I nearly purchased a TZR250 around a year ago, lovely bikes. Had a M750 Monster back in 1998, was my first big bike and I loved it :)


    Oddly enough I nearly bought a TZR250 last year, but in the end wound up with another RD350YPVS.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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