What is the best/worst bike you have owned & best/worst you have ridden?

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    Best bike owned:  Husqvarna SM510R
    I could green lane on it one day, commute on it the next, and trackday it on the third day with the only change needed being to the tyre pressures. A truly versatile motorcycle. Even had a semi sensible service interval of 3000miles. I did destroy a rear tyre in just 500miles whilst running it in tho! :D

    Worst bike owned:  Ducati Streetfighter S
    Very very expensive, didn’t go round corners properly, incredibly uncomfortable not just on the wrists but also the ankles as the zorsts pushed the right one out at a painful angle, the traction control was way too invasive. It had a totally bonkers engine tho and when you stretched its legs it was hard not to grin like a total loon! :D

    Best bike I have ridden:  KTM 390 Duke
    Feels like a 125, handles like a 125, proper town tool and a right lil urban hooligan. Seriously cheap for such a fun bike. Comes with ABS as standard (you can turn it off too). It does run out of steam a bit early but will still do a ton, probably also likely to gain attention of scumbags too.

    Worst bike I have ridden:  Kawasaki GPz500
    God awful brakes, weaves like someone is shooting at it on sweepy bends, feels flat on the power delivery. It did turn almost on a sixpence at lower speeds, the brakes taught you to maintain speed, was terrifying to anyone used to modern bikes which was hilarious to watch! :D


    Best Bike I have ever owned:

    The bike that has given me the best service is without doubt the Thundercat, but the best bike I have owned is my first RD350 YPVS. When I owned the 350 it was THE bike to own and I felt king of the hill. Hard to narrow down as most the bikes I have run have had stuff about them I liked

    Worse bike I have ever qwned:

    My Kawasaki KH250…it just fell apart, ok it was a cheap hack at the time so I perhaps being a little hard on it. They are regarding as a classic now. I have never owned another Kawasaki and I think this bike is to blame! Dis honorable mention to my VF1000 too, I just didn’t like it

    Best bike that I have ever ridden

    Tough call, I have been lucky enough to ride around 150 or more bikes. So to pick the best is a tough call. At he time I rode it in 1990 the Ducati 907ie really blew me away, as did the 2006 R1 I rode in Italy. Toggsy’s ZX9R was an absolute missile in a straight line too, I love all the 2 strokes too…oh I don’t know! Technically Toggsy’s 2007 blade had everything but just left me a little cold with its’ efficiency….

    Worse bike I have ever ridden

    Few candidates for this too, the KH250 already has an ‘award’ otherwise it might take the honours here too. The 1978 Cx500 I rode in courier days was desperate too, but it had done nearly 110,000 miles. Relative to its reputation and price I would have to go for the Harley Davidson 883 Sportster that I rode when new in 1989. Slow, poor handling and no brakes…

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