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    Lots of people have a point of view on what is required but the opinions seem to differ.

    I took my KTM300EXC converted to supermoto for an MOT (which it passed eventually) I had no lights at all fitted, no mirrors, a race can (with a decal strategically placed), no stand, a speedo that looked like it worked (but didn’t) and a cheap battery powered horn. I also had a small plate fitted which passed first time but failed the second time. Oh had a rear reflector fitted too.

    Do any of the above bit surprise you and could I have gotten away without the speedo or horn or reflector?

    ty :)


    Hi Pete

    Lights are NOT a requirement under mot law….. the mot law states that any vehicle can be mot’d without lights, this includes a brake light but if any lights are fitted you must have all the ones required for that year of bike

    Decal on the can is fairly normal…. i cant remove it so cant fail it for having “not for road use” etc stamped on it …..BUT i can fail it if i think its too noisy, sticker or not, all down to my ‘earole

    A speedo is NOT a requirement for a bike mot but you can get nicked for using it on the road without one under the road traffic act 1988 so most testers will give an advisory to cover their own ass

    A stand is NOT a requirement for an mot

    You do need an Audible warning (horn) depends on the year of the bike wether it has to be electric or can be a bulb horn

    A reflector is needed, no size is specified so we keep a card of 1″ round pushbike ones handy  ;D

    Plate depends on the tester & wether youve taken the pee too much with the other stuff tbh

    & no none of it surprises me its stuff we deal with on a almost daily basis …. hope it helps


    cheers dude :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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