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    FZX 750….Does anyone know where we can get hold of one…….Our bikin days aren’t over yet! Wah Hey![:p] or can someone recommend a similar bike with an inline four engine. Bear in mind Dave is a short arse just like me[:D] The Vmax is too heavy, otherwise we would go for that. Any suggestions? Dont want a cruiser, want something similar to FZX. The position on a sportsbike is too cramped. Any help will be appreciated!


    Great to see you back on here BC and sounding so positive, I will keep my eyes peeled for you!

    Found this on Autotrader

    1995 M Reg YAMAHA FZX 750 750CC
    5,000 miles, Black. Excellent Condition. Now Here’s A Model You Don’t See Everyday. Mini V-Max Looks.A Real Headturner, Very Trick & American!! Delivery Anywhere In UK, View At Our Showroom Or Order Phone £2,499 p/x welcome.

    Chorley Yamaha
    Tel: 01257 230300


    welcome back

    I’ll keep an eye open for a FZX.

    Might be worth considering a Triumph (a triple or twin instead of a in line 4)?

    Speed triples are great or if you want retro but with modern(ish) equipment then the thruxton or Bonneville always get good reviews?



    Just found this as well, if you are set on a Yam and are not the shy & retiring type (V twin though)?




    Hi Katana, The BT looks nice, but has bad reputation, Dave said its only the 1100 virago engine innit. Radar that FZX sounds good but is too pricey for us…..We’re looking to pay £1500 – £1600 at most. Ours was a 1997 version and insurance only paid out £1600! The Triumph speed triple sounds good, but cant afford one and dont know how much they can be lowered. Daves only 5’5″ – 5’6″. Would appreciate you keep looking lols Thanx for your help!


    I’ll keep looking

    what about a TRX? – light weight, low seat height, sensible riding postion, bit unusual?

    1 here with extras for 1200 quid

    Reviews here:

    GSF K1

    Hey BC.. good to hear you’re still all keen to get rolling again!

    I think one of my local shops has two old FZX’s.. Webbs motorcycles in Eye Village
    At least I’m sure they did have two.


    Cant see any there GSF There are FZ6 etc but not FZX, shame lol! Katana Dave had a look at the TRX which he quite likes the look of, but the seating on the back is very minimal Lol! Thanks for looking peeps. There’s another FZX on ebay have already sent seller message just waiting for him to get back to us, Fingers crossed Lols! er hum and anything else yo can cross! hehehehehehe! Kin loverly here today, just the right kind of biking weather! I wanna ride!

    GSF K1

    I was in the shop yesterday, unfortunately only had one FZX600 (rather oldish and in pink/white), I thought he had some 750’s.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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