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    New Models: Piaggio launches three-wheeled scooter
    16 May 06 15:17

    Piaggio MP3 – bigger than an iPod
    Piaggio, maker of the legendary Vespa scooter, has developed an all-new three-wheeler.

    The MP3 has two independently-tilting wheels up front, said to provide ‘safety, road grip and stability levels that no two-wheeler can match’. It can cope with cobblestone streets, poorly-surfaced roads, tram tracks and other urban conditions, yet is said to make for an entertaining ride out of town on open roads.

    With a three-disk braking system, its stopping distance is around 20% better than that of a two-wheeled scooter, with particular improvements on slippery roads. Its front wheels, with four-hinge parallelogram suspension, can tilt at up to 40 degrees, ‘while riding like any normal two-wheeler’, says Piaggio, ‘simultaneously ensuring better road grip on any surface, especially slippery tracks. The parallelogram suspension also ensure increased stability at high speeds: the Piaggio MP3 grips the road firmly, with no wobbling, even when tailing large vehicles.’

    The MP3 is constructed around a high-tensile steel tube frame, using many cycle parts. It is the same size as a conventional scooter and just 420mm wide. It’s been tested in a wind tunnel, so features aerodynamic bodywork with one-piece front headlights and fairings.

    Luggage capacity is provided by a 65-litre under-seat storage box that can hold two full-face helmets, a small bag or objects up to 1m long. Further practical touches include shock-resistant splash guards, a courtesy light and seat cover, and a seat with built-in backrest and ‘generous padding’. There is remote-control ignition and locking for the seat and boot lid, plus a suspension locking system and parking brake that enables the MP3 to be parked, even on sloping ground, without using a stand.


    Driving the MP3 promises to be relatively simple: the tilt mechanism locks at speeds under 15kph if the engine is running below 3,000rpm and the lock can be deactivated by pressing a switch on the handlebars. The dash display includes a speedo, fuel gauge, coolant indicator, clock, oil pressure gauge and an immobiliser LED.

    Two engines are offered, the all-new Piaggio Quasar 250 ie – a four-stroke, four-valve liquid-cooled unit with electronic ignition, fuel injection and a catalytic converter – or the Leader 125.

    Piaggio dealers will also offer a range of accessories, including a Winter Pack (an extra large windscreen, hand protectors, winter tyres, heated leg covers and a heated waistcoat), Tom Tom Rider GPS satellite navigation with Bluetooth connection and 3.5-inch LCD screen, a Bluetooth intercom helmet, a brake disc lock and alarm, a rear luggage rack and a 48-litre top case. There are four metallic paint colours to choose from: Sky Blue, Ruby Red, Excalibur Grey and Graphite Black.

    With scooter sales booming in Europe – and especially in London, where commuters are keen to avoid the congestion charge – the MP3 is expected to attract a number of buyers new to scootering, as well as existing scooter owners looking for a ride with greater performance potential. Piaggio distributors in the UK will announce prices shortly.


    Anyone remember these? (not me , my Dad told me about them)


    They were badged as an Ariel 3 and made by BSA.


    My brother’s next door neighbour had a barely used one in his shed in the early 1980’s and didn’t do one called the Stream about 1982 or so?




    Bike magazine have ridden one and reviewed it in the Feb 2007 edition. Seems to work well.

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